Armada - Hal Terbesar (Full Album 2009)

Attract Nikita Willy, Armada Band Make 3D Video Clips.
Special offerings provided "Armada Band" to his fans. Still ringing success the previous two singles - "Mau Dibawa Kemana" and "Buka Hatimu", is now fronted bands that Rizal, Mai, Andit Radha, and Endra was ready to launch again the mainstay of the third single titled "Ku Ingin Setia" in April is complete with video clips.

Special, video clips that worked by Fajar Bustomi This technology brings three-dimensional or yan known as 3D. Taken any star not playing the Favorite Actress Panasonic Gobel Awards 2010, Nikita Willy.

"The concept we wear white pants and white," says guitarist Armada, Mai, via chat with reporters, Wednesday (7 / 4) yesterday.

For video clips themselves, further Mai, will be released by mid of this. Surely, this band from Palembang hope the "Pasukan Armada" - referred to fans of Armada, can receive their latest creations. Good luck Armada!
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Track List:
01. Armada Title Hits Song "Cinta Itu Buta".
02. Armada Title Hits Song "Pemilik Hatimu".
03. Armada Title Hits Song "Buka Hatimu".
04. Armada Title Hits Song "Hal Terbesar".
05. Armada Title Hits Song "Mau Di Bawa Kemana".
06. Armada Title Hits Song "Pangeran".
07. Armada Title Hits Song "Telephone".
08. Armada Title Hits Song "Ku Ingin Setia".
09. Armada Title Hits Song "Kau Harus Terima".
10. Armada Title Hits Song "Wanita Paling Berharga".

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