The Dance Company - The Dance Company (Full Album 2009)

The Dance Company: Not Just molester
What if the four vocalists create a new band? Needless to disanksikan again, Pongki, Baim, Nugie and Deasy made a new breakthrough. The Dance Company is not merely an affair arena.

Since the debut mini album, a few months ago, the name of The Dance Company (TDC) directly echoed everywhere. Their debut single 'Papa Rock n Roll' was immediately sold.

Like its title, this song is wrapped in shades of rock n roll. There are four sections in which the singer is singing. This is what happens when four characters distinct atmosphere together.

'Coba Kau Bayangkan' more than the other ballads. While 'Say What You Say' and 'So Far Away' more electric shades bandaged. Both songs were also written with English lyrics, Indonesia.

One other singles you do not miss 'Modal Cinta'. Pongki (bass), Nugie (drums) and Baim (guitar) took part in the singing. This song sounds more colorful shades bosas-jazz with additional string. Rock elements but still they did not leave.

The first time was the fourth singer decided to ground them together is fun. Proved in this mini album they are played fairly. In terms of music, lyrics and even their appearance. Even if they never speak again TDC no better fun they disperse. Just passing or going to last long? Hmm ..

01 The Dance Company Title Hits Song "Papa Rock n Roll".
02 The Dance Company Title Hits Song "Coba Kau Bayangkan".
03 The Dance Company Title Hits Song "Say What You Say".
04 The Dance Company Title Hits Song "Modal Cinta".
05 The Dance Company Title Hits Song "So Far Away".
06 The Dance Company Title Hits Song "The Dance Company".
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