Geisha - Anugrah Terindah (Full Album 2009)

Situated in studio 4 Musica Studio’s Pancoran, Jakarta, GEISHA completed shooting Karaoke VCD of them planned to be released June, with their first album.

GEISHA preparation for release of his album is more solid after a week previously Momo (vocal), Roby (guitar), Dhan (keyboard), Aan (drums) and Nard (bass), has completed shooting the video clip for their first single titled "Jujurlah Padaku". While the material for the album perdananya itself is almost 100% ready and in production.

Album titled "Anugrah Terindah" This will contain 12 tracks by the producers Noey and Chapung. Some of the older works also GEISHA akan into their debut album, some of which are "Untuk Selamanya" and "Cintaku Hilang".

The song "To Forever" was also entered in Compilation AMLW 2007 which was released Musica Studio's. Yes, GEISHA is one of the finalists from the music festival event in Indonesia, A Mild Live Wanted 2007.

Since that time have tried GEISHA big stage in several cities in Indonesia and the result is they are not only known in the city of birth but it is quite known by the public. Previously, the band was founded in December 2003 is already enough known in his city, which is Pekanbaru.

At first they use name 'Jingga', which then change into GEISHA post vacancy left his gitaris because they are out of the band decided to complete the study outside the city.

Six years since they already formed, the band with this beautiful frontwoman will be in the entry to Australia with music belantika capital debut album which will be released June via Musica Studio's. Welcome and congratulations struggle GEISHA!.

Track List:
01 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Jika Cinta Dia'.
02 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Kamu Yang Pertama'.
03 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Selalu Salah'.
04 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Tak Kan Pernah Ada'.
05 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Izinkan Aku Mendua'.
06 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Bunda'.
07 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Cintaku Hilang'.
08 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Cemburumu Keliru'.
09 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Tak Segalanya Indah'.
10 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Jangan Pernah Lelah Menunggumu'.
11 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Penyesalan Terdalam'.
12 Geisha Title Hits Song 'Untuk Selamanya'.
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