Alexa - Special Edition [Full Album 2009]

Successful debut album their with "Self Title", Alexa is now busy preparing the new album that the plan will be feature "Special Edition".

New album the band has Aqi (vocal), Satrio (guitar), Jmono (bass), Rizki (guitar) and Jar (drum), which planned to start recording incoming kitchen this weekend before the fruit contains 11 songs. From that amount, four of them taken from the first album, the "Dewi", "Jangan Kau Lepas", "Jangan Kau Pergi" and "Tak kan Pernah Bisa" given the new touch aransemen.

Four songs taken from their stock of songs that was not included on the first album. And three more songs are new songs.

"This album is' better 'Alexa. If there is nuance dance, dance is more indicated, for the slow slow its elements are emphasized. So also the rock, more rock to its color. The idea of a character in the album Special Edition," said Satrio , such as that made Surya Online.

Albums can be expected to release around June or July 2009 the future is packed in CD format in a limited number.

"As his name is the Special Edition. But we make sure the amount is not that we'll release to the market especially for Alexis (Alexa term for the fans)," Jar said the drummer.

Tracklist :
1. Alexa Title Hits Song "Sampai Kapan".
2. Alexa Title Hits Song "Wajahmu Indahkan Duniaku".
3. Alexa Title Hits Song "Sampai Nanti".
4. Alexa Title Hits Song "Kau Khanati". (Akustik)
5. Alexa Title Hits Song "Maafkanlah". (Akustik)
6. Alexa Title Hits Song "Lupakan Saja". (Akustik)
7. Alexa Title Hits Song "Hingga Saatnya Kan Tiba".
8. Alexa Title Hits Song "Dewi".
9. Alexa Title Hits Song "Jangan Kau Pergi".
10. Alexa Title Hits Song "Takkan Pernah Bisa".
11. Alexa Title Hits Song "Jangan Pernah Berubah".
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