Five Minutes - Sumpah Mati [New Single 2010]

Jealous wife, Ricky "Five Minutes" Bersumpah Mati.
Ricky, keyboardist band Five Minutes, outspoken about their new single titled 'Sumpah Mati' which was the cultivation of her music videos at Domus Cafe, Jakarta, Friday ago. According to Ricky, the inspiration of the song comes from private life in marriage. "This is my personal experience of money has a wife, but rather envious. Hopefully with this song was not mad anymore," Ricky said after filming the video clip 'Sumpah Mati'.

As is known, a musician's life often associated with the women and luxury. For that, the video clips played by Ratna Galih artist, Ricky wants to dismiss these allegations. "If the musicians are usually identified with women and luxury, with this song I want to convince my partner," said the man who often wore sunglasses.

Meanwhile, on color Virgins music in his new album tends to follow the color Brit Rock music videos in English. It had been agreed upon by the personnel Five Minutes since 2006. "So if a single, to be agreed with," added Ricky.

New Single Five Minutes
Five Minutes Title Hits Song 'Sumpah Mati'.
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Cinta Laura Kiehl Title Hits Song 'Cinta Atau Uang' And 'Guardian Angel' [2 New Single 2010]

Cinta Laura, 'Uang atau Cinta' At 2010.
What do Cinta Laura with 'Money or Love' in 2010? Apparently, Love is not making a choice between money and love. But, it is the title track which will release 2010 with his new album.

"A new song which will be single at my new album next year called 'Uang atau Cinta' This song will be 'tough' on my new album. Flowing in here a little pop electric, " she said.

Cinta claimed to be labeled Sony issued an album in early 2010. "In my new album will have 9 songs. Three of them are songs I've ever spend. For example, 'Oh Baby'".

Began seriously in the world of drag votes? "I'm very serious. But it was a long process, because I was working on it only at the weekend, do not want to disturb the school time," she explained.

Love also reveals will hold a show and a duet with international singer in 2010. "I can not say who sings it, as they are not sure. The fear is not so. So, wait, yes," he said smiling.

2 New Single Cinta Laura Kiehl
Cinta Laura Kiehl Title Hits Song 'Cinta atau Uang'.
Cinta Laura Kiehl Title Hits Song 'Guardian Angel'.
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Hello Band - Dua Cincin [New Single December 2009]

Hello Band Create Song Decline Polygamy.
After success with the song 'Ular Berbisa' which tells about the affair, this time Hello Band launches new songs that tell about polygamy, entitled 'Dua Cincin'.

"We again make a video clip, titled 'Dua Cincin', the story about polygamy," said Widhi, vocalist Hello when found in Bukit Cinere Indah, Jakarta, Thursday (3/12/2009).

Widhi explained, Hello chose the theme of polygamy because it was warm when the controversy about it. "Especially now rarely bring about polygamy," he said.

He admitted, this song really was not for Hello, because it is not fit for their segment. "But after reviewing the accident at another theme really warm," he said.

This song tells of a woman who is not sincere when his husband to give the ring to someone else, but he still receives the sad condition. "There were tears," he said.

While making a song about polygamy, Hello Band pleaded not agree with polygamy. "We do not support, it is felt the woman. So this is our conscience that does not want to share love," he explained.

According to them, polygamy is widely repudiated in the community. The reason, it is difficult to apply justice. "While we do not know what's fair," he concluded.

New Single Hello Band
Hello Band Title Hits Song 'Dua Cincin'.
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The Rock Indonesia / TRIAD Title Album TRIAD

About Song 'Selir Hati'.
Ahmad Dhani figure so strongly seemed to make a lot of women fall in love with him. To the point, there was a woman who fell in love with him but would only be 'Selir Hati' alone. This was revealed by 'Suhu' of China who met Dhani some time ago in a mall.

"Iya, I was met at the mall about six months ago. He 'suhu' of China and has nothing to do with religion, and I listened to it. We both (Dhani and 'Suhu') still know who she was, " Say Dhani when found in between the making of the video clips in the Old City area Kerta Commerce, Jakut, Thursday (12/11) yesterday.

And the incident that finally makes Dhani create a song 'Selir Hati' which would go on to plan new album labeled TRIAD "There was a woman who would even do not become of wife or not as a boyfriend, but it would even be 'selir hati'," said Dhani explained the contents of the song.

Asked further about the purpose of the term 'Selir Hati', Dhani even explain it. "There was a woman who loves me without conditions. Although it is not used as the wife of okay, not as a boyfriend okay. Not without status, too. If 'selir' is usually no physical contact, but there was no relationship physical. So it is called 'selir hati', "he said.

Then, how is the reaction Dhani for a woman? "I do not feel. The women felt that," chatter lightly.

The Rock Indonesia Year 2010 Change name:
January 2010 berpersonel Rock Band Ahmad Dhani, Ikmal, Icez, Mitha, and Tharaz going to change the title of the Triad with the same personnel.

Ikmal Tobing, drummer for the so-called boyfriend Mitha The Virgin, confirming this to the media after the launch of Studio 33 on the Music of New Land, Beji, Depok, Sunday, December 14 20o9 night. According to the drummer, the launch of this name will be accompanied by launching their second album.

According to former personnel of this band Lemon Tea, TRIAD going to need additional players during its inaugural launch. The reason, Mitha longer have anything outside of scheduling a gig The Rock.

Track list :
1. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Dunia Lelaki".
2. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Sedang Mikirin Kamu". *
3. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Mama".
4. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "MTPS". *
5. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Benar Salah Idolaku". *
6. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Mustapha".
7. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Selir Hati".
8. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Madu Tiga".
9. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Pasrah". *
10. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Juara Sedjati". *
11. T.R.I.A.D. Title Hits Song "Indonesia Pusaka". *

Note : * = Waiting file MP3 to proccess upload..
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Ke$ha - Tik Tok [Lyrics And Video YouTube]

Ke$ha - Tik Tok [Video YouTube]

Ke$ha - Tik Tok [Lyrics]
Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy
(Hey what up girl?)
Put my glasses on I´m out the door - I´m gonna hit this city (Lets go)
Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
Cause when I leave for the night I aint coming back
I´m talking - pedicure on our toes toes
Trying on all our clothes clothes
Boys blowing up our phones phones

Drop-topping playing our favorite cds
Pulling up to the parties
Trying to get a little bit tipsy

Dont stop make it pop
DJ blow my speakers up
Tonight Ima fight
Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock on the clock
But the party don´t stop no

Whoa-oh oh oh
Whoa-oh oh oh


Aint got a care in world but got plenty of beer
Aint got no money in my pocket but I´m already here
And now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger
I´m talking about - everybody getting crunk crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk junk
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk drunk
Now now - we goin til they kick us out out
Or the police shut us down down
Police shut us down down
Po-po shut us -

[Chorus] x 2

DJ you build me up
You break me down
My heart it pounds
Yeah you got me
With my hands up
You got me now
You gotta that sound
Yea you got me
DJ you build me up
You break me down
My heart it pounds
Yeah you got me
With my hands up
Get your hands up
Put your hands up
No the party don´t stop until I walk in

[Chorus] x 2
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Ke$ha - Animal (Released 5th January, 2010)

Kesha (singer).
Kesha Rose Sebert (pronounced /kɛʃə/, KESH-ə; born March 1, 1987), better known mononymously as Kesha (stylized as Ke$ha), is an American recording artist. Her breakthrough came in early 2009 after appearing on Flo Rida's number one single "Right Round". Her debut single, "Tik Tok", was released in August 2009 and reached number one in five countries and set the female weekly download record in the US. Her debut album, Animal, was released in early 2010.

Product Description
2010 debut album from the American singer/songwriter who achieved fame as featured vocalist on Flo Rida's hit single 'Right Round'. Animal was executive produced by Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Avril Lavigne) and includes collaborations with producers Max Martin and Benny Blanco. The album's first smash single, 'TiK ToK', has had TV placements in the Project Runway promo spots, Melrose Place and So You Think Can Dance.

Track List :
01. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Your Love Is My Drug".
02. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "TiK ToK".
03. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Take It Off".
04. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Kiss N Tell".
05. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Stephen".
06. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Blah Blah Blah". (ft. 3OH!3)
07. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Hungover".
08. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Party At A Rich Dude's House".
09. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Backstabber".
10. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Blind".
11. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Dinosaur".
12. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes".
13. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Boots & Boys".
14. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Animal".
15. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "V.I.P.". (International Bonus Track)
16. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Dirty Picture". (Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha) (UK Bonus Track)
17. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Run Devil Run". (UK Bonus Track)
18. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "Aliens Invading". (UK Bonus Track)
19. Ke$ha Title Hits Song "TiK ToK". (Wolfedelic Club Mix) (iTunes pre-order Bonus Track)
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Boyz II Men - Love (Released November 17, 2009)

Love (Boyz II Men album).
Love is a 2009 covers album by R&B group Boyz II Men. Like their previous album, this album will be produced by American Idol's Randy Jackson and Boyz II Men. This is their third cover album following Throwback, Vol. 1 and Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA released in 2004 and 2007 respectively. The album will be composed of popular love songs of the past. It also features a collaboration with Michael Bublé. The demo version of Back For Good was originally recorded with Irish singer, Nadine Coyle. The album sold 15,000 copies its first week.
From the Artist
Love: The new album by Boyz II Men, set for release on November 17, 2009 on Decca.

Love: A collection of timeless songs from the heart, one that spans multiple genres and generations.

Working once again with Motown producer Randy Jackson, Boyz II Men (Wanya Morris, Nate Morris, Shawn Stockman) bring their distinctive individual voices and peerless harmonies to bear on songs made famous by Bonnie Raitt, The Manhattans, Journey, The Spinners, Sam Cooke, the Beatles, and Cyndi Lauper. Boyz II Men weave these diverse selections together into an album-length symphony, one that flows seamlessly from an impassioned "I Can't Make You Love Me" through the shimmering a cappella sound of "Time After Time" to "When I Fall In Love," a beautiful reworking of a great American standard featuring Boyz II Men's special guest Michael Bublé.

Love is the successor to Boyz II Men's Decca label debut, Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA (Decca/Universal), released November 13, 2007. This collection of Detroit soul classics took the interna¬tional music scene by storm to a degree that surprised even the group members. Motown rose to No. 27 on the Billboard Top 200 and to No. 6 on the trade's R&B Albums chart; proportionately, sales in Europe and other territories were even stronger than in the U.S. The album earned two Grammy Award nomina¬tions, for "Best R&B Album" and "Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals" (for the Stevie Wonder cover "Ribbons In The Sky") and sparked the release of Boyz II Men's first full-length live concert DVD, Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA - Live (Decca/Universal, released 12/9/07).

"The success of Motown definitely upped our visibility insofar as being able to tour more, in bigger venues, in more cities and more countries," says Shawn Stockman. "We were already an international touring company" - in a typical 12-month period, Boyz II Men performs 150-200 concerts around the world - "but Motown helped extend our reach even further."

"The beautiful thing was that we already had shows booked in Europe and Japan, as we've done almost every year for many years," Wanya Morris explains. "But performing the Motown songs was the best album promotion we could have done. And we felt the same effect back in the States as we did overseas, even in places like Billings, Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah.

"The excitement that built up as we went along through 2008 was reminiscent of the old days. The audience doesn't forget, necessarily, but the audience sometimes needs to be reminded." Nate Morris says simply: "Our fan base came back. A lot of them didn't know what we'd been up to for the past eight or ten years. Motown put the awareness out that there that Boyz II Men were still around, still making quality music - it launched us into a new future."

Even before the group's months of touring came to an end, Boyz II Men and their creative team were brainstorming the next album. Nate Morris was the first to advocate for the theme of Love: "There were a couple of different ideas raised beforehand - a doo-wop album, an Eighties album, a Motown II album - but I never felt really comfortable until we hit on the Love concept. That is the feeling that Boyz II Men have been giving our listeners since the beginning."

"People would have expected us to do a whole bunch of R&B love songs: Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, the Isley Brothers," says Wanya. "Now that repertoire certainly would not have made for a bad album, but it would've made for a more limited album. In going for classic love songs period - not just R&B, not just pop, but music - we made an album that challenged us."

"We didn't know how it would work at first," adds Shawn, "because the repertoire is so wide-ranging. Fortunately, it all came together - and better than I expected, personally. I really didn't think it was gonna fly! But as we started picking the songs and got into recording, as we heard how the arrangements came together, then I was like, `okay, now I understand this.'

Working mainly in two Los Angeles studios (Henson and Westlake), Randy Jackson a core band to play on all twelve tracks of Love. (Track 13 is the a cappella version of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time.") Most of the musicians - including drummer Michael Bland, bassist Lloyd "Sonny" Thompson, and guitarist Mike Scott - are current or former accompanists with that most demanding of musical taskmas¬ters, Prince.

"That's another element that made it a great recording process," Stockman recalls, "because these guys were already a real band. They knew exactly what to do, they each knew how the others played -- and we got to hear a couple of good Prince stories!"

The vocal arrangements for a Boyz II Men album "are not something that can be done by just one person or even two of us," says Nate. "It's the totality of the group. One of us may hear one approach to the song and another guy may hear a different approach, but by the time we get to the end of the process, every¬one's had their input."

The trio's heavy touring commitments meant that time was of the essence in the creation of Love. "Here again, I think we showed that Boyz II Men is a group to be reckoned with," Wanya declares proudly. "We had a full touring schedule and a limited amount of time for the studio - and the results made some people say, `wow, they made this album in two months? An album of this caliber, from the basic band tracks to final mastering - how was this group able to do that?'"

As Nate, Wanya, and Shawn look ahead to their 20th anniversary, they reflect on the things that have kept Boyz II Men not just together over two decades but on track in pursuit of new career highs and horizons.

Shawn Stockman: "I think it's respect: respect for each other's abilities, for what we each bring to the table, respect for each other as men. We try to give each other space, room to breathe, room to grow - because we're not just Boyz II Men, we're also husbands and fathers, sons and brothers, members of our communities. At this point, there are no egos: We know we all built this thing together and we're all in it together."

Wanya Morris: "I believe what's kept us standing is our love for the music, our respect for one another, and our love for God...The connection that we have is like a marriage - and a marriage is supposed to be forever. Music brought us together and music keeps us together. To be able to finish each other's phrases and each other's ad-libs - that's a bond `no man can tear asunder,' so to speak. Anyone who listens to a Boyz II Men album like Love or who comes to see a Boyz II Men show, they'll feel that passion, that connection between us."

Nate Morris: "It's all about the songs. We got together as a group because we loved the way we sounded together. We turned people into Boyz II Men fans not because of the bowties, not because of the dance steps, but because of the songs. A group can last as long for as its songs, and the songs on Love are as strong as any we've ever sung."

About the Artist
Boyz II Men have been hailed by the RIAA as the most commercially successful R&B group of all time. The group has sold an estimated 60 million recordings in a spectacular career about to celebrate its twenty year anniversary in 2010. The trio continues to perform to sold-out audiences all over the world, in addition to being sought after for high-profile TV engagements in the U.S. and beyond. Over the last eighteen months, Boyz II Men has made such memorable appearances as their duet with Justin Timberlake and Al Green on the 2009 Grammy Awards, a Motown medley for ABC's hit show "Dancing with the Stars," Good Morning America's coveted Summer Concert Series, Fox's "Don't Forget the Lyrics," where they won an incredible half a million dollars all devoted to charity, A&E's Private Sessions, The Wendy Williams Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, The View and most recently on A&E's Biography, with a full hour chronicling their rise to stardom.

Product Description
Multiple Grammy-winners and the most successful male vocal group of all time Boyz II Men are back with the follow-up to their successful album, Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA. Simply titled LOVE, Boyz II Men interpret some of the most popular ballads of the last several decades with their own flawless harmonies. Reuniting with producer Randy Jackson, Love is a timeless record featuring romantic hits including I Can t Make You Love Me, ( Bonnie Raitt), If You Leave Me Now, (Chicago), Cupid, (Sam Cooke) Open Arms, (Journey) and In My Life, (The Beatles) plus many more.

Track List :
01 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "I Cant Make You Love Me".
02 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Amazed".
03 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Could It Be Im Falling In Love".
04 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "If You Leave Me Now".
05 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Time After Time".
06 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Iris".
07 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Cupid".
08 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Shining Star".
09 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "In My Life".
10 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Open Arms".
11 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "When I Fall In Love". (ft.Michael Buble)
12 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Back For Good".
13 Boyz II Men Title Hits Song "Misty Blue". (Bonus Track)
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Timbaland - Presents Shock Value 2 (Released December 4, 2009)

Timbaland Presents Shock Value II.
Shock Value II is the third solo studio album, from American record producer Timbaland serving as the second volume of the platinum-selling Shock Value which topped charts worldwide and received 16 platinum certifications.

Initially slated for a 2008 release the project was pushed into 2009 and tentatively confirmed for November 23, 2009 through Blackground Records, however, it was pushed back once more and finally released on December 7, 2009 in the UK and December 8 in the US.

Promotion and release.
The album was initially slated for a November 4, 2008 release but this clashed with the 2008 US Presidential Election. The album was then put on hold so that Timbaland could work on Jay-Z's album The Blueprint 3 which was released September 2009. Then Rap-Up magazine confirmed that the album would be released as part of Super Monday, November 23, 2009 in both the US and UK with the US also receiving a 2-disc deluxe edition. However the magazine revealed on October 29, 2009 that the album had been pushed back to December 8, 2009.

Timbaland performed part of the lead single "Morning After Dark" live at one of the album's launch parties at Mandalay Bay Beach on October 17 and again During the F1 in Abu Dhabi, UAE on October 30, 2009. Then he appeared with Nelly Furtado and SoShy for the first fully featured live performance of the song at the American Music Awards (2009) on November 22, 2009. On November 23, 2009 the trio appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien for an encoré performance.

In an interview with 106 & Park, Timbaland confirmed that there will be a re-release of the album, which will feature new tracks. He also stated that the new tracks will feature Missy Elliott, Danja, Keri Hilson, Nelly Furtado, D.O.E., and others. He has also expressed that he would like to work with Lady Gaga on the re-release.

Tracklist :
01. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Intro" by DJ Felli Fel
02. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Carry Out". (ft Justin Timberlake)
03. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Lose Control". (ft JoJo)
04. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Meet In Tha Middle". (ft Bran’ Nu)
05. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Say Something". (ft Drake)
06. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Tomorrow in the Bottle". (ft Chad Kroeger and Sebastian)
07. Timbaland Title Hits Song "We Belong to the Music". (ft Miley Cyrus)
08. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Morning After". (ft Nelly Furtado & Soshy)
09. Timbaland Title Hits Song "If We Ever Meet Again". (ft Katy Perry)
10. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Can You Feel It". (ft Esthero & Sebastian)
11. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Ease off the Liquor".
12. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Undertow". (ft The Fray & Esthero)
13. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Timothy Where You Been". (ft Jet)
14. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Long Way Down". (ft Daughtry)
15. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Marching On". (ft OneRepublic)
16. Timbaland Title Hits Song "The One I Love". (ft Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)
17. Timbaland Title Hits Song "Symphony". (ft Attitude, Bran’Nu, & D.O.E.)
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Usher - Raymond Vs Raymond (Advance) [2010]

Raymond vs. Raymond (previously known as Monster) is the forthcoming sixth studio album by American R&B singer Usher. The album features production from Jermaine Dupri amongst others including Ne-Yo, Anthony Hamilton, The Neptunes, and Adam Levine.

In November 2009, a representative for Usher told MTV News that the album will not be released on December 21, 2009 as scheduled: "The release of Usher's next album, Raymond vs. Raymond, has been delayed because we believe that the album is so strong that we want to give it the opportunity to have the proper setup before coming out".

Track List :
01 Usher Title Hits Song "Papers".
02 Usher Title Hits Song "Cruisin".
03 Usher Title Hits Song "Secret Garden".
04 Usher Title Hits Song "Radar".
05 Usher Title Hits Song "At The Time".
06 Usher Title Hits Song "Certified". (ft Pharrell)
07 Usher Title Hits Song "Cutter Off".
08 Usher Title Hits Song "Echo".
09 Usher Title Hits Song "One Hand".
10 Usher Title Hits Song "Rock Band".
11 Usher Title Hits Song "There Goes My Baby".
12 Usher Title Hits Song "Traffic".
13 Usher Title Hits Song "What They Gon Say".
14 Usher Title Hits Song "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)". (ft. Plies)
15 Usher Title Hits Song "In My Bag". (ft. T.I)
16 Usher Title Hits Song "More".
17 Usher Title Hits Song "Blockin".
18 Usher Title Hits Song "The Realest One".
19 Usher Title Hits Song "She's Got It".
20 Usher Title Hits Song "She Dont Know".
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Keyla - Gapai Mimpi (Full Album 2009)

Keyla Expecting Success in 'Gapai Mimpi'.
Successful debut album 'empat Berbeda' (2008), Sam Milby who is now throwing its second album 'Gapai Mimpi'. They hopes the same success.

The band formed in February 2007 consisted of Owie (guitar), Ipank (bass), Bene (drums), Ipuey (keyboards), and Ray (vocals). On this second album, the band from Bandung is offering something new and different from previous albums. Mature song material.

"Maybe as experience increases, we become more mature and adult in appearance, and insight. It certainly mempengaruh our work processes," said Ipank , in Jakarta, Sunday (8 / 11 /2009).

Maturity was increased by the performance of different vocalist's first album. Value added, new colors were put forward, though still carrying the same color music, mix the 1980s with modern music.

'Lyrics-lyrics we deliberately take more specific with the issue of love digging from the hearts of men. The story is mostly about love and so we seem a bit mushy. But we covered it by giving a more assertive solutions in the lyrics, "explains Owie, who play a lot in making the lyrics.

In fact, first single from their second album 'Terlalu Cepat Mencintaimu' is capable of describing the music Anggun.

"All of this is our attempt to get the attention of music lovers in Indonesia," please Bene.

Track List :
01. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Hingga'.
02. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Meski Tanpamu'.
03. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Gapai Mimpi'.
04. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Terlalu Cepat Mencintaimu'.
05. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Menunggu Dirimu'.
06. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Ego'.
07. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Merubah Dunia'.
08. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Keyla'.
09. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Peri Tak Bersayap'.
10. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Sesal'.
11. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Yang Terluka'.
12. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Hidup Denganku'.
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Ello, Ipang, Berry St Loco, Lala - Buka Semangat Baru [New Single Song 2009] Coca Cola

Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco dan Lala Lunching Song "Buka Semangat Baru".
Four artists capital city rising in the Indonesian music scene Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala invites the teen to open a new spirit. 4 conveyed the invitation young selebriri is the transformation of 'Hidup Ala Coca-Cola' which began launched in an album "Buka Semangat Baru" started since Thursday (3 / 12 / 2009).

David Tjokro, Director Marketing, Coca-Cola Indonesia to Global yesterday said that the lyrics of the song "Buka Semangat Baru" aims to bring young fans of the Coca-Cola to constantly renew the intention and spirit of their daily and often hampered by the everyday problems such as stress, bored, tired, thirsty and feeling does not exist.

"In everyday life, sometimes we are less excited about the routine or overcome obstacles, such as a sense of burden and stress of the demands, boredom, heat and thirst. When these feelings arise Coca-Cola invites us all to open a Coca-Cola, enjoy the freshness and re-acquire a new spirit in facing the challenges that arise, "says David.

Lyrics of the song "Buka Semangat Baru" who brought artists who have many accomplishments was full of invitations to always live life with passion and renew the spirit every day.

"Buka Semangat Baru" is an adaptation of the theme song of the global Coca-Cola, entitled 'Open Happiness' which was launched at the beginning of the year. The song 'Buka Semangat Baru', produced and distribution in cooperation with Sony Music Indonesia got a good response from music lovers Indonesia, reflected by the high demand of the song playing on the radio many teenagers today.

"Every day, in the face of various challenges, we all need a new spirit. Through music and lyrics of this song, we can stream our optimism and enthusiasm to many people, "said Ello finished singing the song "Buka Semangat Baru" with Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala.

Appearances Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala in the song 'Buka Semangat Baru' will be seen in several TV shows and will be performed live at DAHSYAT SHOW on Sunday, December 13 2009 starting at 09.00 am.

New Single From Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala
Ello, Ipang, Berry St Loco, Lala Title Hits Song 'Buka Semangat Baru'.
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Afgan - Seperti Bintang [New Single Song December 2009]

Singers Afgansyah Reza or Afgan will launch his second album in December 2009. "I will launch my second album in December 2009," Afgan said in Bandung on Sunday. While Afgan not want to tell her more about her new album, but he explained that the songs on the album is still dominated by stories about love. "Still dominated by love songs, but the melody is a bit more cheerful, different than the first album the rhythm slowly, "he said. Afgan also reveal that one single in his second album later titled "Seperti Bintang".

New Single From Afgan
Afgan Title Hits Song 'Seperti Bintang'.
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Kerispatih Title Hits Song 'Aku Harus Jujur' and 'Selamanya Denganmu' [2 New Song 2009]

Kerispatih launching the album 'Semua Tentang Cinta' with the hit single 'Aku Harus Jujur'.
Kerispatih, phenomenal band group known as the songs are touching the launch of her new album to-4 'Semua Tentang Cinta', with a hit single entitled 'Aku Harus Jujur' creation Badai. Band formed in 2005 with personnel Badai, Anton, Sammy, Arief and Andika, still carrying the music genre Pop Groovy.

"This new song was launched for a long time, over a year. It is very satisfactory results compared to three previous albums. Because it makes this album into four very tough challenge. Because we have to perform better, "said Badai(keyboard), a spokesman for Kerispatih at launch held Nagaswara Music & Publishing in Jakarta, Wednesday (23/12/09) evening.

Besides the weight, continued Badai, there is also a deep sense of fear because Kerispatih already publicly known and should be promising songs that match his trademark. In addition, the credibility Kerispatih must be kept, the music quality should be maintained, touch up the music as well as previous albums.

Badai 'Kerispatih' Create Special Song On The wedding day 'Selamanya denganmu'.
Badai 'Kerispatih' finally released bachelor, Saturday (08/08/2009) with a flight attendant named Citra asmarani. In such marriages, Badai intentionally creating a special song on the offer to his wife.

The song is the article is a special gift for his wife. Badai and Dewi seems happy with ivory white dress. "There was one song that I ciptain for our wedding, titled 'Selamanya denganmu' which will be the new album Kerispatih," Badir said when met at Church Isa Almasih, Pegangsaan, Central Jakarta

2 New Song From Album Kerispatih 'Semua Tentang Cinta'.
Kerispatih Title Hits Song 'Aku Harus Jujur'.
Kerispatih Title Hits Song 'Selamanya Denganmu'.
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Hancur Band - Pengen Jadi Artis [Full Album 2009]

Hancur Band standing since 2001. Their first album was released with've also 8 songs in it, as well as 3 karaoke song. Hit single Hancur Band is the song Pengen Jadi Artis and song Japan (Janda Mapan) America.

Track List:
01 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Pengen Jadi Artis'.
02 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Japan (Janda Mapan) America'.
03 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Romantis'.
04 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Modal Cinta'.
05 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Indonesiaku'.
06 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Pengen Jadi Artis'. (Karaoke)
07 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Romantis'. (Karaoke)
08 Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Modal Cinta'. (Karaoke)
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