Dewi Sandra Feat Olla Ramlan Title Hits Song 'Stop'

Dewi Sandra Feat Olla Ramlan - stop
Step presenter Olla Ramlan to venture into singing more steady. Together with singer Dewi Sandra, Olla collaborated via the single "Stop". The result, quite satisfactory. Hard work Olla also received praise from a friend that duet.
"Olla really hard work, a month vocal exercises continue. If there's any rush, Olla that spirit continues," said Dewi Sandra when found in the Citrus Gardens, Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2011).
Hear the praise, Olla indirect head. He admits that they have to keep learning and trying hard to match its vocal ex-wife Glenn Fredly is.
"As the line, I tried as much as possible. Audience would just want to know, not the process. What is important we continue to hold taken the compact," said Olla.
In the song-scented 'RnB', are both trying to look energetic. Recognized them, they tried to look up and prepare it for a long time. "Nothing happened to walk very natural. We discussed this long. It's natural. Let the people judge," added Dewi.

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