Blackout - Goodbye [Full Album 2010]

Model Video Clip Blackout Resiko Orang Cantik – Renata Kusmanto
Renata Kusmanto, that's the model name of the video clip Blackout "Resiko Orang Cantik". 27-year-old pretty girl is apparently the cousin of the Mariana Renata! There's the secret behind her appearance in the videos. He apparently did not like rock, and claimed more like pop music. Whereas in the third singles clips rock band is, Renata a sweetener.

This beautiful model claims that all happened by accident, initially he was only asked to listen to the song "Resiko Orang Cantik", but then increased to star video clips of the song. It deals with the concept that different clips to be carried by a rock band that stood since 2008.

Although Renata does not like rock songs, but when listening to single songs, he admits that interested in the concept and story that she became a beautiful woman who likes her boyfriend own best friend. He claimed to love offered to model a video clip. There are interesting events in video clips when he had to face and holding hands with Azizi, both shy. Well you know, how the romance was stated in the video huh?

Blackout denied when carrying the beautiful model Renata who incidentally is a cousin of the Lux model Mariana Renata to boost popularity. According to them, not to support the use of Renata's popularity, but more than the totality.

Track List :
01 Blackout Title Hits Song "Yang Kedua".
02 Blackout Title Hits Song "Goodbye".
03 Blackout Title Hits Song "Letoy".
04 Blackout Title Hits Song "Resiko Orang Cantik".
05 Blackout Title Hits Song "Selalu Ada".
06 Blackout Title Hits Song "Cintaku".
07 Blackout Title Hits Song "Satu Alasan".
08 Blackout Title Hits Song "Terjadi Tanpa Cinta".
09 Blackout Title Hits Song "Tak Sanggup Lagi Denganmu".
10 Blackout Title Hits Song "Join Kopi".

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