Wali Band Title Hits Song 'Nenekku Pahlawanku'

Wali Band - Nenekku Pahlawanku
Located in the village of Tegal Ika, Village Leuwinanggung, Bogor, on Saturday (19/11) of the personnel Wali filming a video clip of their song entitled "Nenekku Pahlawanku". Yocky director of the Production House Macaroni deliberately chose a rural village that is still a lot of the gardens to support the concept of the song. Of some of the songs Wali, him music is simpler and more likely to set in natural shades of the countryside, such as video clips 'Abatasa', 'Cari Jodoh' and ''Aku Bukan bang Toyib'. "Locations such as these can better describe the atmosphere in the form of visual," says Yocky.
The concept took this video clip stories about arts education in a village owned by a powerful grandmother. His students were the Mayor of personnel. Long story short Fa'ank (vocalist Wali) like a country girl, played by actress Ratna Galih. But his love was blocked by a thug who also fancies women. That's why practicing martial arts Fa'ank desperately to gain knowledge that will be used to defeat these thugs.
The first images taken by the Mayor scene personnel to perform on a football field with a set of tools such as on stage. The crowd around the stage. After that, turn Fa'ank doing fight scenes with a thug. "Here, the image will be made ​​with a hyperbolic-style comedy and style coupled effect or Asterix film Kung Fu Hustle," said Yocky.
Next is one of the exciting scenes, in which the emergence of a grandmother who became a central figure in the video clip. Starring comedian grandmother was Betawi, Mpok Nori. The grandmother provides training in the martial arts moves to his disciples that the personnel Wali. "I was taught by Mpok Nori Betawi-style martial arts stance. It turned out that although Mpok are not young anymore, but the movement looks still very agile and energy, " joked Fa'ank.

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aliah said...

I didn't get the lyrics but..it was nice listening this song..can you share the lyrics here..??..i would like to know about this song..thanks for sharing this song and keep posting such post here in future too..i didn't heard about "Wali Band"..Wali Band is new music band..??
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