Rossa Title Hits Song 'Jangan Ada Dusta Di Antara Kita'

Having released eight albums, Rossa finally released a special album, dubbed as 'The Best of Rossa'. The album is an album of its existence after fifteen years of his career in the music world.
In the album 'The Best of Rossa' Rossa is introducing three new songs that have a distinctive, like the song 'Jangan Ada Dusta Di Antara Kita'. In this song, a duet with the original sound Rossa late Broery Marantika and arranged by Andi Rianto.
"The song was legendary, everyone knows. I'm singing in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia all love and know. Awards and I love to Broery with his beautiful music in Indonesia," said Rossa at KFC Kemang, Wednesday night.
Nevertheless, the Rossa also had trouble for a rendition of the legendary.
"It's hard really, because the character is strong, Dewi Yull. My character is quite similar and the Goddess, smooth, soprano but different arrangements," She said.
In addition, the Rossa was the song 'One Night Lover "with Joe Flizzow' Too Phat '(hip-hop duo from Malaysia). Duet this time showed that not only does the quality Rossa could sing mellow songs but also homage to dance.
I spend every single should be different and the music currently being hipe it like this. The first time the music does not like it, but wants his music is cool I like J-Lo. Joe said 'I try the best', " She said.
The song 'One Night Lover "is the lyrics spelled out a little sassy. This has deliberately requested by Rossa to be easily remembered by the people, especially the music lovers. With homage to the song Dance, Rossa admitted her weight had dropped.
"The lyrics are naughty, but it's just entertainment only. Although not smart English, so everyone must be remembered and memorized. I was down 3 pounds, probably because the dance continues to be the sport continues," she added.

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