Drive Title Hits Song "Akulah Dia" And "Katakanlah" [2 New Single 2010]

Drive - Akulah Dia
"Semut di ujung lautan terlihat, Gajah di pelupuk mata tidak terlihat". Maxim that the first out of the mouth of the vocalist Anji Drive when explaining about their new single "Akulah Dia". The songs are a hero of their third album, the story concerns the expression of a man who wants to bring his close friend, a woman who always talked about his dream of following all the criteria they want, and indeed he was the person who was looking for this woman. The figure of a man who meet certain criteria in tell, A man who has one love that outsiders can, A man who will do anything to her happy, a man who dared to suffer for him, And one man who can afford to give everything. But unfortunately the woman in love is still dreamy and chestnut as he lies in a distant dream without realizing there he was at his side. Even so do not expect this song would bernuansakan kemirisan with words - words that seemed to beg and ask the man who told a man who is weak.

"Akulah Dia" created by Budi (guitarist) and Anji (vocalist) with a lyric that remain "male" even though this song was originally made for female singers. "Akulah Dia" in the dressing with the music and the beat of a powerful berdistorsi to confirm the identity of the rock band Drive as a group of dynamic and energic. "Akulah Dia" started with the intro song of 90s era guitar effects and continuing with a fairly assertive guitar distortion before then appear distinctive voice that gives Anji british accent on music typical "American Rock" which they played. Once past the intro, a touch of 90s disappeared altogether as the game then switched to guitar Budi modern rock trends in the contemporary period. And to complement the guitar sound more eskplorasi, Budi also present in the style of acoustic guitar songs on the Bridge. Everything feels harmonious because it is followed by a game of Dygo Bass harmony and tempo are maintained thanks to the drumming of the Adi-ordered with a very slick.

"Akulah Dia" will be the anthem for anyone who ever felt overlooked in hope of love in his live.

Drive - Katakanlah
One more single to be released titled "Katakanlah". Single song "Katakanlah" is one to three songs from the album Drive Band. Try listening to this song.

2 Song Drive Band
Drive Band title hits song "Akulah Dia".
Drive Band title hits song "Katakanlah".

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