Audy Title Hits Song 'Pencuri Hati'

Audy - Pencuri Hati
Still alone, singers Audy tried to lure man by his latest song. The lyrics are in her new single, 'Pencuri Hatiku', Audy hope there's a man who falls in love with him.
"It was his own creation. I'm the type who falls in love hard. I hope someday I get, the song was finished the prayer in the future. My imagination of my songs have the same guy who would say," Audy said when met at Warung Pasta , Kemang, South Jakarta, Tuesday (02/21/2012).
Not shy, former lovers Tyo Nugros was dedicating the song to her being single. Audy believes, from a single day just made it, she can find the lovely heart of the faithful.
"This song for me so that I could find a man like that is in my songs," she hoped.
Audy even promised to sing the song 'Pencuri Hatiku' this, if he had found a companion.
"This song is for when I find someone, I can just sing this song," she said.

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