Jennifer Lopez - What Is Love? (Ost The Back-up Plan 2010)

The Back-Up Plan
The Back-Up Plan (previously known as "Plan B") is a romantic comedy film, starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin. It was released in theaters in the US on April 23, 2010.

Zoe (Lopez), who is having a hard time finding the man of her dreams, decides to have her baby alone in a sperm clinic. However, her plans may change when she meets and starts to like Stan (O'Loughlin).

The soundtrack and the score were released on March 26, 2010 on iTunes. They are available on since April 13, 2010. The soundtrack has various artists, while the score was composed entirely by Stephen Trask.

New Single From Jennifer Lopez (Soundtrack The Back-Up Plan)
Jennifer Lopez Title Hits Song "What Is Love?".
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Indah Pertiwi Title Hits Song 'Baru Aku Tau Cinta Itu Apa' [New Single 2010]

Indah Dewi Pertiwi song 'Baru Aku Tau Cinta Itu Apa' definitely more crowded on the cover after the video clip took the song out with a sitcom actress and model Teuku Wisnu.

This struggle began with the song sent his demo to labels ketch Music leaders Bebi Romeo about half a year ago. not in vain, Indah was eventually drawn to the kitchen recordings.

The song 'Baru Aku Tau Cinta Itu Apa' is itself the creation of hits singles Dewiq and Pay.

New Single Indah Pertiwi
Indah Pertiwi Title Hits Song 'Baru Aku Tau Cinta Itu Apa'.

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Eren Title Album Perubahan [Full Album 2009]

After releasing the debut album of a mini-religion on the 2007 album, now comes again with Eren bring change, ie changes in the concept album. Because on this album bring Eren present pop songs that contain about love and all the problems in love. This album is titled 'Perubahan', taken from one of the songs in the album title ini.Di this album took Romi Eren, one of the AFI-trained singers, for a duet in the song: 'CLBK (Cinta Lama Bersemi Kembali)', 'Perubahan', 'Pelengkap Hidupku', bukan Kekasih Setia', 'Istana Cinta', and 'Ternyata Kamu'. There are two songs which appear Eren himself in the song 'Seluas Samudra' and "Would not separation". In working on this album Eren supported several reliable songwriter, including Dodhy Kangen Band (Seluas Samudra) and Apoy Wali (Takkan pisah) . The first single from the album is 'Takkan pisah'. This album will remind us in times of triumph Nike Ardila, but this album is packed with the arrangements and sound more contemporary.

Track list:
01. Eren Title Hits Song 'Seluas Samudra'.
02. Eren Title Hits Song 'Takkan Pisah'.
03. Eren Title Hits Song 'CLBK' (feat. Romi).
04. Eren Title Hits Song 'Perubahan' (feat. Romi).
05. Eren Title Hits Song 'Pelengkap Hidupku' (feat. Romi).
06. Eren Title Hits Song 'Bukan Kekasih Setia' (feat. Romi).
07. Eren Title Hits Song 'Istana Cinta' (feat. Romi).
08. Eren Title Hits Song 'Ternyata Kamu' (feat. Romi).

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The Titans Title Hits Song "I Will Be Here" and "Rasa Cinta" [2 New Single 2010]

The Titans - Rasa Cinta
Band The Titans released their third album titled III. Rizky 
Cs sponsor a song entitled 'Rasa Cinta' to become the latest singles.

Video clip for the song that had just worked on looks rather 'brutal', which tells a war between gangs.

Bandung children were not concerned if the video clips on television was banned. According to them rather than how it looks to be commented upon, but the contents of the message implied.

"Viewing the video clip not only with the eyes. The message is good, if we have feelings of love, not with the street violence," said the vocalist, Rizky encountered while launching the third album in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Furthermore, other personnel Andika said he and the director already knows the limits to the video clip was later censored.

"We've set it properly from the beginning of shooting, which one would be censored, we view baseball," added Andika.

The Titans - I Will Be Here
The song in the form of ringback tone or dial tone, known personally lately has become a habit actors in the music industry. Lucrative profits has become the reason of singers and bands prefer to make a single and then circulated in the form RBT when compared to produce an album.

But not so with the band from Bandung, The Titans. They have different options. "A band must have an identity, no proof of its existence in the form of an album. If it's only make RBT, we fear when asked children and grandchildren, there's no proof if we had the band," says the vocalist, Rizky in Kebon Jeruk, Tuesday (2 / 2 ). According to the keyboardist, Andhika, through its fourth album, he and his partner can convey a message in their entirety.

"The message can be received after listening to one complete album. If in the form of RBT's only one song, so the message of the whole album, not up," said the former personnel of 'Peter Pan' is. That's what causes, which was founded in 2006 the band was trying hard finish his third album in the middle of a crowded schedule of gigs. Although it took 1.5 years to complete, Andhika and his friends were satisfied with the album contains ten songs.

Moreover, the album consists of one English-language songs titled I Will Be Here to be used as the ultimate track to penetrate the international market. "We're trying to go international, who knows will be accepted. If not received, yes we will try to continue," caps.

2 New Single The Titans
The Titans Title Hits Song 'Rasa Cinta'.
The Titans Title Hits Song 'I Will Be Here'.

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Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black - For All [Full Album 2010]

Existence Bondan Prakoso in music is no doubt, Bondan will release his third album in the near future. On the album that show, "FOR ALL" This Bondan still will collaborate with Fade 2 Black like the two previous albums.

He thinks this album is dedicated "TO ALL" circles, class, age, class and background, so she is giving an opportunity for REZPECTOR-fan club-Prakoso Bondan to choose the form of writing the name of the album, whether the "4 ALL" or "FOR ALL" .

Blen According to the manager "about the concept, rather nyeleneh Bondan again. He made a song like Rinto Harahap era, nuanced 70s. There's also one song that he made rhythmic ska".

However the results later, the definitive album Prakoso Bondan remains attractive for the wait. Because in two previous albums, Respect (2005) and Unity (2007), Bondan always able to deliver something different.

Track List :
01 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Ya Sudahlah".
02 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Good Time".
03 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Tetap Semangat".
04 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Sang Juara".
05 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Bumi Ke Langit".
06 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Not With Me".
07 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "S.O.S".
08 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "For All".
09 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Terinjak Terhempas".
10 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Kita Selamanya".
11 Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Tidurlah".

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Teuku Wisnu feat Shireen Sungkar Title Hits Song 'Cinta Kita' [OST Cinta Fitri 2010]

The great success achieved by sineteron "Cinta Fitri" as sineteron who occupy the top level in the ranks of favorite sineteron in Indonesia, making the cast and crew involved in sineteron was so happy.

Not only that, now Sineteron "Cinta Fitri" has had his own soundtrack albums which were sung by the players. And on Sunday, March 18, 2010 yesterday, Shireen Sungkar along with Teuku Wisnu doing making a video clip for the soundtrack of "Cinta Fitri" entitled 'Cinta Kita'.

"Today I'm in the manufacture of Video Clips 'Cinta Kita' feat Teuku Wisnu. Thank God we finally made a video clip is also biased. We are pleased with the existence of this album also create a new color in our sineteron aja. "Said Shireen Sungkar.

Could a duet in the song 'Cinta Kita' Of course provides an incomparable pride for Shireen and Teuku Wisnu. Moreover filming this video directly handled by the famous director Rizal Mantovani class

"A hell tersendri pride for me and Shireen. And we both have never filmed together with Rizal, and we are proud mas can be mas Rizal Direct direct same, "said Teuku Wisnu.

New Single Song OST Cinta Fitri
Teuku Wisnu feat Shireen Sungkar Title Hits Song 'Cinta Kita'.

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D'Bagindas Title Album C.I.N.T.A (Full Album 2010)

The proliferation of bands in the country, enough to prove that the music industry indeed timeless. Like an oasis in the desert, the presence of new bands are always in later by the community. To quench your thirst will be a named entertainment: music.

D'Bagindas, is one among many such bands. They attend and bring something new to the music market in the country. They are the bearer of something new is Bian (vocals), Mike (keyboards / acoustic guitar), Tile (guitar), and Dandy (guitar). See the formations and musical instruments they play, it seemed more fitting d'Bagindas into acoustic band. "We almost do not care about those comments about D'Bagindas. We are here to enliven the music festivals in the country. Need to be different and of course D'Bagindas music lovers want to entertain people in this country, "says Tile represents three personnel d'Bagindas.

Present Full Confidence
If the presence of a band did not get a good response and appreciation from the audience, of course, can be ascertained that these bands will not be able to exist and even be great in this industry. So that means also that a band's fan club is the central point that could bring a domino effect for the continuation of the band itself.

Departure from the current reality, D'Bagindas is one example of a new band who think a good response and appreciation from the Indonesian community. Even those researching gait fan club some great bands that flourish in the community. Evidence that a well-established and well known band with a Fan Club. Emotional bond between the band with his fan club will try dihadirkannya realized by the group of bands. Besides a variety of surprise had been prepared for the bands that perform, for example on television, will add its own effect on the program that aired. Usually, viewers can see directly the interaction and closeness between the fans with their idol. For D'Bagindas, which must appear confident. "We have no fear of being called to imitate other bands, just because our music is similar to the band. We are here to entertain music lovers in Indonesia, "says Tile.

Color "Malays" Pain No "Malays"
With the debut single "Apa Yang Terjadi", D'Bagindas very confident to step brings a different color Malays. Material self-titled debut album "C.I.N.T.A" is thick with the color of the Malays. However Tile guarantee that, "D'Bagindas songs should not really sung with a sense of Malays." That is, the music D "can still be categorized Bagindas pop genre.

The question is how Melayu D'Bagindas songs? Songs contained in D'Bagindas debut album, lyrics are not Malays. But, from the notation was impressed there is an element of Malays. "Twisted vocal Bian like dangdut, but not total," said Mike, the creator of all the songs D'Bagindas. The songs are nominated to become the leading single, "Apa Yang Terjadi" and "Cinta", created by Mike from his own personal experience and imagination to the love story between two lovers.

"Initially, D 'Bagindas comes with a color pop rock music but in line with market trends, we're changing the music track from pop rock to pop Malays," said Dandy, representing his three friends from D'Bagindas.

Me-wilt pop song, of course, still requires skill. For D'Bagindas, the key lies in a twisted sense of vocal Melayu Bian. It should be noted, he admitted idolized Rhoma Irama and likes dangdut. Seeing the seriousness of their tastes in music, including following the market, it could be possible to combine Bagindas D'dangdut drum drum into the game, "pleaded his prayer so that we can give an entertainment of music and songs Melayu color without having to be the Malays in a real sense , "Tile said.

Starting From ...
D'Bagindas certainly will not stop spawn their works in music. Because music is one hobby that unites them. D'Bagindas, formed early from Mike's friendship, Dandy and Tile in Bandung. "Previously we had been the band. In fact we had so indie. Then we switched to color more into rock music. So, if anyone asked or told, D'Bagindas just the most well-follow-up Ikuta, passengers looking for popularity, or anything else, we say a big mistake. But we're not angry. Music is a universal. Liked anybody. And if we are a hobby, it would be ... "clear Tile.

Originally named D'Bagindas Violin. Does not mean anything because they did not teralu dizzy thinking about names. Their friend, Herbert, change the name to D'Bagindas Violin at the computer, why, "after hearing our songs, the proper name for our band is D'Bagindas. So here we are! "Explained Mike. Whatever you call it, hopefully Bagindas D'steps can keep running smoothly. D'Bagindas hope that music can be enjoyed by the whole community of Indonesian music lovers can come true.

Track List :
01 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Apa Yang Terjadi".
02 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Cinta".
03 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Empat Mata".
04 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Tak Seindah Malam Kemarin".
05 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Dimana Sumpahmu".
06 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Kumenunggu".
07 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Buktikan".
08 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Setia".
09 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Kangen".
10 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Suka Sama Kamu".
11 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Sayang Sayang".
12 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Dihatiku Ada Namamu".
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OST Iron Man 2 by AC/DC (Released 19 Apr 2010)

Aside from their 1992 live album, AC/DC have never come anywhere near releasing a greatest hits compilation. Until now.

In a surprise move, the Aussie rockers are supplying 15 of their most popular songs to the soundtrack for 'Iron Man 2.' While it still doesn't feature all of the band's hits, it's the best representation of the band's studio output to be released. AC/DC, for their part, have long resisted a greatest hits package, preferring that their fans by the albums in their entirety.

The soundtrack represents their earliest days with original frontman Bon Scott to 'War Machine,' a track from 2008's 'Black Ice' that shares its name with Don Cheadle's superhero character in the film. The album, which is available for preorder at Walmart, is due out April 19 while the Robert Downey, Jr.-starring film hits theaters on May 7. Check out the tracklist and a special Iron Man-themed video for 'Shoot to Thrill' after the jump.
source :

Tracklist :
01. Shoot to Thrill
02. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
03. Guns for Hire
04. Cold Hearted Man
05. Back in Black
06. Thunderstruck
07. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
08. Evil Walks
09. T.N.T.
10. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
11. Have a Drink on Me
12. The Razor's Edge
13. Let There Be Rock
14. War Machine
15. Highway to Hell
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Mariah Carey - Lovesongs (Released 09 March 2010)

LoveSongs is a compilation album by R&B superstar Mariah Carey. It is a re-release of her 2008 collection "The Ballads" (without the song "All I Want For Christmas Is You"), and was released exclusively in the UK in time for Valentine's Day on February 8, 2010.

Tracklist :
01. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Hero".
02. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Vision Of Love".
03. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Without You".
04. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Always Be My Baby".
05. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "My All".
06. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "How Much (ft Usher)".
07. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Dreamlover".
08. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Thank God I Found You (Nas and Joe) - Make It last Remix".
09. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "The Roof".
10. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "One Sweet Day".
11. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Anytime You Need A Friend".
12. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "I'll Be There".
13. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "I Still Believe".
14. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Reflections".
15. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Open Arms".
16. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Against All Odds".
17. Mariah Carey Title Hits Song "Endless Love".
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Pasto Title Album Kembali [Full Album 2010]

Pasto Title Album Kembali.
Pasto duo finally released her second album. Given the album title 'Kembali' contains 10 songs, including songs 'Aku Pasti Kembali' creations Estianty Maia.

In his new album, Pasto appear slightly different. The group fronted by Rayen Meltho and this becomes more nge-rock.

"If we once more into R & B is now in the direction Pop Rock, the rock, we took from the mother (Maia)," said Rayen at the launch of her new album Pasto in the MU Cafe, Sarinah, Central Jakarta, Wednesday evening March 3, 2010.

In terms of musicality, the group that produced this Estianty Maia is more energetic now. The change was met positively by Pasto.

"Pasto should be grateful because the label gives the freedom for us, and do not sue us for the how-how," said Rayen, smiling.

Through the album 'Kembali' Pasto hopes that they can become an important part of Indonesian music industry. "Hopefully this album can be received and counted," said Pasto compact.

When launching her second album in MU Cafe, Sarinah, Pasto has also presented several songs from the album, like 'Tanya Hati'.

Track List :
01 Pasto title hits song "Teman Atau Kekasih".
02 Pasto title hits song "Tanya Hati".
03 Pasto title hits song "Jujur Aku Tak Sanggup".
04 Pasto title hits song "Aku Pasti Kembali".
05 Pasto title hits song "Yang Penting Happy".
06 Pasto title hits song "Biar".
07 Pasto title hits song "Cintaku Sejati".
08 Pasto title hits song "Player".
09 Pasto title hits song "Sahabat".
10 Pasto title hits song "Bilang Kau Tak Cinta".

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Goliath - Goliath [Full Album 2009]

Name one artist who is probably already familiar to your Indonesian music lovers. "Goliath" That's a familiar name was called among Musicians / Artists / Bands and Music Indonesian fans. Singer / Band Indonesia was again participate enliven the Indonesian music scene is given through its flagship title song Goliath (Full Album 2010)

About Song "Cinta Monyet".
The song "Cinta Monyet" - Goliath is the second single after successfully penetrating the music scene to the song "Masih Disini Masih Denganmu".

In the video clips of the song "Cinta Monyet", a band who have personnel Ary (Vocal), Dara (Guitar), Rizal (Lead Guitar), Izwa (Bassist), Ardy (keyboardist) and Gie (Drummer), this young artist took a fit with theme song, Nikita Wily.

Band that originated from the name "Elena", is itself still carries nuance wither. Only, in this second single, smart-themed songs, jamming to music beat and is suitable for teenagers come to dominate. To be sure, a song written by Ary Goliath can make the spirit.

Track List:
01 Goliath title hits song "Cinta Monyet".
02 Goliath title hits song "Masih Disini Denganmu (MD2)".
03 Goliath title hits song "Hidup Ini Mahal".
04 Goliath title hits song "Tinggal Seribu".
05 Goliath title hits song "Bawa Kau Pergi".
06 Goliath title hits song "Jangan Susah Jangan Bingung".
07 Goliath title hits song "Kesucianmu".
08 Goliath title hits song "Aduh Ampun".

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Padi - Terbakar Cemburu [ New Single 2010]

After more than two years without a new album out, tomorrow is Monday, January 18, 2010 Padi band will release a new single titled "Terbakar Cemburu".

The next day the new single is going to start playing on various radio stations across Indonesia. Plans every three months approximately Rice will release a new single and later single - this single will be an album.
source :

New Single Padi Band
Padi Title Hits Song "Terbakar Cemburu".

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Blackout - Goodbye [Full Album 2010]

Model Video Clip Blackout Resiko Orang Cantik – Renata Kusmanto
Renata Kusmanto, that's the model name of the video clip Blackout "Resiko Orang Cantik". 27-year-old pretty girl is apparently the cousin of the Mariana Renata! There's the secret behind her appearance in the videos. He apparently did not like rock, and claimed more like pop music. Whereas in the third singles clips rock band is, Renata a sweetener.

This beautiful model claims that all happened by accident, initially he was only asked to listen to the song "Resiko Orang Cantik", but then increased to star video clips of the song. It deals with the concept that different clips to be carried by a rock band that stood since 2008.

Although Renata does not like rock songs, but when listening to single songs, he admits that interested in the concept and story that she became a beautiful woman who likes her boyfriend own best friend. He claimed to love offered to model a video clip. There are interesting events in video clips when he had to face and holding hands with Azizi, both shy. Well you know, how the romance was stated in the video huh?

Blackout denied when carrying the beautiful model Renata who incidentally is a cousin of the Lux model Mariana Renata to boost popularity. According to them, not to support the use of Renata's popularity, but more than the totality.

Track List :
01 Blackout Title Hits Song "Yang Kedua".
02 Blackout Title Hits Song "Goodbye".
03 Blackout Title Hits Song "Letoy".
04 Blackout Title Hits Song "Resiko Orang Cantik".
05 Blackout Title Hits Song "Selalu Ada".
06 Blackout Title Hits Song "Cintaku".
07 Blackout Title Hits Song "Satu Alasan".
08 Blackout Title Hits Song "Terjadi Tanpa Cinta".
09 Blackout Title Hits Song "Tak Sanggup Lagi Denganmu".
10 Blackout Title Hits Song "Join Kopi".

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Armada - Hal Terbesar (Full Album 2009)

Attract Nikita Willy, Armada Band Make 3D Video Clips.
Special offerings provided "Armada Band" to his fans. Still ringing success the previous two singles - "Mau Dibawa Kemana" and "Buka Hatimu", is now fronted bands that Rizal, Mai, Andit Radha, and Endra was ready to launch again the mainstay of the third single titled "Ku Ingin Setia" in April is complete with video clips.

Special, video clips that worked by Fajar Bustomi This technology brings three-dimensional or yan known as 3D. Taken any star not playing the Favorite Actress Panasonic Gobel Awards 2010, Nikita Willy.

"The concept we wear white pants and white," says guitarist Armada, Mai, via chat with reporters, Wednesday (7 / 4) yesterday.

For video clips themselves, further Mai, will be released by mid of this. Surely, this band from Palembang hope the "Pasukan Armada" - referred to fans of Armada, can receive their latest creations. Good luck Armada!
Source :

Track List:
01. Armada Title Hits Song "Cinta Itu Buta".
02. Armada Title Hits Song "Pemilik Hatimu".
03. Armada Title Hits Song "Buka Hatimu".
04. Armada Title Hits Song "Hal Terbesar".
05. Armada Title Hits Song "Mau Di Bawa Kemana".
06. Armada Title Hits Song "Pangeran".
07. Armada Title Hits Song "Telephone".
08. Armada Title Hits Song "Ku Ingin Setia".
09. Armada Title Hits Song "Kau Harus Terima".
10. Armada Title Hits Song "Wanita Paling Berharga".

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Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors (Released 02 March 2010)

Smoke and Mirrors (Lifehouse album)
Smoke & Mirrors is the fifth album by American alternative rock band Lifehouse, released on March 2, 2010. "Halfway Gone," the first single from the album, was released on October 27, 2009. Chris Daughtry co-wrote "Had Enough" and performs backing vocals on the song. A deluxe edition of the album was released containing two separate discs.

Smoke and Mirrors debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200, selling 54,000 units in its first week of release.
Source :


01. Lifehouse - All In
02. Lifehouse - Nerve Damage
03. Lifehouse - Had Enough (feat. Chris Daughtry)
04. Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
05. Lifehouse - It Is What It Is
06. Lifehouse - From Where You Are
07. Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors
08. Lifehouse - Falling In
09. Lifehouse - Wrecking Ball
10. Lifehouse - Here Tomorrow Gone Today
11. Lifehouse - By Your Side
12. Lifehouse - In Your Skin

Bonus Tracks
1. Lifehouse - All That I'm Asking For
2. Lifehouse - Crash And Burn
3. Lifehouse - Everything (Live In Studio)
4. Lifehouse - Near Life Experience

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Scorpions - Sting In The Tail (Released 23 March 2010)

Sting in the Tail.
Sting in the Tail is the seventeenth studio album by German heavy metal band Scorpions. It was released on March 19, 2010 in Europe (March 14 in Greece) and was released on March 23 in North America. It will likely be their last studio album before retirement.

The album has a duet featuring the Finnish symphonic metal singer Tarja Turunen, in the song "The Good Die Young".

A tentative title for the album was Humanity: Hour II, however this was eventually scrapped.

First week sales in the United States were 18,500 copies sold placing it at No. 23 on the Billboard 200. In Germany the album debuted at No. 2, but fell in its second week to No. 3, in France at No. 16 and in Greece at No. 1. The album also peaked at Number 2 on the Billboard Rock Charts.
source :

Tracklist :
01. Scorpions - Raised On Rock
02. Scorpions - Sting In The Tail
03. Scorpions - Slave Me
04. Scorpions - The Good Die Young
05. Scorpions - No Limit
06. Scorpions - Rock Zone
07. Scorpions - Lorelei
08. Scorpions - Turn You On
09. Scorpions - Sly
10. Scorpions - Spirit Of Rock
11. Scorpions - The Best Is Yet To Come.

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Miley Cyrus - "I Hope You Find It" - "When I Look At You" [2 New Single 2010]

Miley Cyrus' New Song 'I Hope You Find It' Arrives in Full.
After previewed through a short snippet, Miley Cyrus' brand new song called "I Hope You Find It" has finally been unveiled in full. The song is included among soundtracks for the Disney songstress' upcoming movie "The Last Song".

The compilation set is expected to be released on March 26. It also includes songs from the likes of OneRepublic, Maroon 5, Edwin McCain and Allstar Weekend.

Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same title, "The Last Song" is scheduled to be released in the U.S. theaters on March 31. It will follow Miley's Veronica "Ronnie" Miller as she is sent to her father's home in Tybee Island, meets a beach volleyball player Liam Hemsworth's Will Blakelee and falls in love with him.

In another news, Miley Cyrus says she is not a fan of country music despite the fact that she is a daughter of country music crooner Billy Ray Cyrus. "It scares me... It feels contrived on so many levels. Unless you're wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and singing and whining about your girlfriend or boyfriend leaving you it's not going to sell," she told Parade magazine.

The "Hannah Montana" star continued, "I think that's why my dad finally got out of it. You have to wear those cowboy boots and be sweet as pie. It makes me nervous, the politics of it all".
Source : aceshowbiz

New Single Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus - I Hope You Find It
Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You-(Promo_CDS)

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Taylor Swift - Today Was a Fairytale (New Single 2010)

"Today Was a Fairytale" is a song by American singer Taylor Swift, released for the 2010 film Valentine's Day soundtrack. The song was released digitally on iTunes on January 19, 2010. The song is scheduled to be released physically in the United Kingdom in the future. Swift performed "Today Was a Fairytale" at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Chart performance.
"Today Was a Fairytale" debuted at #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week of February 6, 2010. The debut was a career best for Swift, beating "Fearless" which debuted at #9. It also debuted at #52 on U.S. Hot Country Songs the same week based on unsolicited airplay. The song sold 325,000 downloads, breaking the record for best first-week download sales by a female artist previously held by the Britney Spears track "Womanizer" which sold 286,000 in its first week. In its second chart week, the song dropped to #22 replacing another song on which Swift appears, "Two Is Better Than One", at that position. It is Swift's sixth Top 10 single on the Hot 100 and her 23rd top forty single.

On the issue dated February 20, 2010, "Today Was a Fairytale" debuted at #1 on the Canadian Hot 100, making it Swift's first number-one hit in Canada and the second song in the chart's history to debut at #1, after Eminem's "Crack a Bottle" did so in February 2009. The song ended Kesha's 9 week reign with "TiK ToK" in Canada.

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New Single Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - Today Was a Fairytale.

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Madonna - The Sticky & Sweet Tour (Released 06 Apr 2010)

Sticky & Sweet Tour.
The Sticky & Sweet Tour was the eighth worldwide concert tour by American singer Madonna to promote her eleventh studio album, Hard Candy. It began in August 2008 and was Madonna's first tour from her new recording and business deal with Live Nation. The tour was announced in February 2008, with dates for American and British venues revealed. Though initially planned, the tour failed to visit Australia due to financial problems and the financial recession. Costume designer Arianne Phillips designed the costumes, supported by a number of famous designers and brands. The stage for the main show was planned similarly to that of her previous 2006 Confessions Tour. After the tour concluded in 2008, Madonna announced plans of beginning a second European leg in 2009 to play in territories she either had never been to or had not played for a long time.

The tour was described as a "rock driven dancetastic journey". It was divided into four acts: Pimp, where S&M was the main theme, Old School where Madonna's classic songs were performed, while displaying work of deceased artist Keith Haring, Gypsy, a fusion of Romanian folk music and dance, with the performances ranging from melancholy to joyous, and Rave, where she performed eastern influences. The show ended with sing-along of the final song with the audience. Some changes were made to the set list during the second European leg of the tour in 2009, including a dance tribute to deceased singer Michael Jackson. The tour generated positive reviews from critics.

The Sticky & Sweet Tour broke many records in terms of its ticket sales, commercial gross and audience attendance. After the first leg, it became the highest grossing tour by a solo artist, earning $282 million, breaking the previous record Madonna herself held with her Confessions Tour. Overall, Madonna performed to over 3.5 million fans in 32 countries, grossing a total of US$408 million, making it also the second highest grossing tour of all time and the highest grossing tour by a solo artist. At the 2009 Billboard Touring Awards, the Sticky & Sweet Tour won the Top Tour and Top Draw prizes, which acknowledge the highest-grossing and highest-attended tours of the year, respectively. Madonna's manager Guy Oseary won the Top Manager award.

While on tour, a number of statements by Madonna against 2008 Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin, respectively, faced strong opposition from the Republican Party. While performing in Romania in 2009, Madonna's statement about gypsy discrimination in eastern European countries was received negatively. During the second leg, two workers constructing her stage at Stade VĂ©lodrome in Marseille were killed when the roof of the stage collapsed. The Sticky & Sweet Tour has been broadcast on a number of private channels and a CD/DVD and Blu-ray version of the performances, was released in March 2010.

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Madonna's most recent stage extravaganza, the 'Sticky & Sweet' concert, will be released on April 6th, it was announced today by Live Nation, the world s largest live music company. 'Sticky & Sweet', which was produced by Live Nation, was the most successful tour by a solo artist in history and was seen by over 3.5 million fans in 32 countries around the world.

Tracklist :
01. Madonna - Candy Shop
02. Madonna - Beat Goes On
03. Madonna - Human Nature
04. Madonna - Vogue 2008
05. Madonna - She's Not Me
06. Madonna - Music 2008
07. Madonna - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
08. Madonna - Spanish Lesson
09. Madonna - La Isla Bonita 2008
10. Madonna - You Must Love Me
11. Madonna - Get Stupid
12. Madonna - Like A Prayer 2008
13. Madonna - Give It 2 Me

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Black Eyed Peas - Grapes (New Single 2010)

The Black Eyed Peas have teamed up with producer of the moment David Guetta for new track ‘Grapes’. Boasting a sound very much in the vein of the Dance/Pop/Urban hybrid from their ‘The E.N.D’ LP, it’s currently unknown whether the song will feature on a new album or a re-release of some form.

As for whether or not it’s any good; put simply, those who’ve been feeling the Peas’ latest material will lap this up. While those who haven’t will likely pass on this one.

New Single The Black Eyed Peas
The Black Eyed Peas Title Hits Song "Grapes".

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Mikha Tambayong Title Hits Song "Bekas Pacar" [New Single 2010]

After success with their single "Cinta Pertama", a young artist getting out of Micah Tambayong second single titled "Bekas Pacar". Recently, a sitcom actress "Kepompong" make a video clip of the song in a cafe in Jakarta.

As preparation, the mother who looks long hair extention Micah. "Mama personal stylist, from fitting shooting clothes, hair extention, all helping mama," said the virgin birth of 15 September 1994 was quoted as saying by "Status Selebritis" impression on SCTV, Wednesday (24 / 3).

When interviewed journalist, suddenly a man came to ask for photos together. Though surprised, Micah continues to serve the request. Funny thing, the fans asked for another person being photographed with the camera.

"Suddenly he asked for pictures, hold him not carry his own cell phone, he borrowed, people are also shocked," the story of Micah, laughing. Not only once, when Micah makeup, the same man walked back to ask for a picture together. Wow, big fan nih.

Video filming began. According to Micah, the song 'Bekas Pacar' is about a girl who has a boyfriend, but his girlfriend was having an affair with her best friend. This song sounds more up beat than 'Cinta Pertama'. "Later on the album if I go out, do not forget to buy, do not buy the bootleg," the message the singer's nephew was Harvey Malaiholo.

New Single 2010
Mikha Tambayong Title Hits Song "Bekas Pacar".

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Anang Featuring Syahrini Title Hits Song "Jangan Memilih Aku" [New Single 2010] And "Cinta Terakhir" [Promo 2010]

First appeared at the music of Indonesia, it appears that the maximum Syahrini by accentuating her sexuality. If they sing, second son of three brothers were always tight and was impressed naughty costumed. His songs also tend to beat high.

However Syahrini appearance began to change after becoming Anang Hermansyah duet partner. Bogor Rain City Women born August 1, 1982 it began to close when the event was a widower Kris Kristofferson Dashyah in Semarang, Central Java, in December 2009. Anang then sang the song 'Separuh Jiwaku Pergi'. Syahrini while singing 'Pusing Setengah Mati'.

At that time, Syahrini ask Anang that made the song. Request Syahrini welcomed by Anang. He was asked to come to the studio Anang, in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. Once tested, Anang comfortable with Syahrini sound character.

Furthermore Syahrini Anang chose to duet partner. Indonesian Idol jury was dismissed Syahrini voice sound like Krisdayanti. "I select Syahrini was indeed a good voice, it sounds out from herself," said Anang.

After performing a duet with Anang frequently through the song 'Do not Choose Me', Syahrini appearance has changed. She no longer emphasize her sexuality. See it now, more Syahrini look calm and looking glamorous in singing. In fact, many argue briefly Syahrini similar to Krisdayanti.

"I do not expect to be a substitute KD. I want to be myself I'm alone. Do not want to be someone else," she said when met at the Hotel Grand Mahakam, South Jakarta, last Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

Now, Syahrini like a celebrity gossip scandal is not far from romance. Just who else if not with his opponent's duet, Anang Hermasnyah. Not just a friend of his duet, Anang rumored to save the heart for Syahrini.

But they both denied. They claim should relate only regular duet partner. It's just inconsistent with the denial Anang her movements in public. Anang often give a kiss to the couple's duet. However Anang again call that part of the concept his duet.

"I think I do not want to talk to me with Syahrini problem further, I'm doing what I'm working with Syahrini," said Anang when he first kissed Syahrini in Studio sweeping, RCTI ago on February 26, 2010.

The longer the closeness of their increasingly visible. In the near future, Anang and Syahrini will umra together. They are also rumored to be married in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. However, all parties argued the issue Syahrini.

New Single Anang Feat. Syahrini
Anang Feat. Syahrini Title Hits Song "Jangan Memilih Aku".
Anang Feat. Syahrini Title Hits Song "Cinta Terakhir" [Promo].

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Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black Title Hits Song "Ya Sudahlah" And "For All" [2 New Single 2010]

If the note cover of the album FOR ALL have a lot of small photographs of the existing front disampul. The photo is a photo of all Rezpector (called the community of fans Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black) and people who support all these years. Other awards also reflected on the inside cover of the album in the form of rows of logo-logo pride of their respective Rezpector areas scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia.

"Ya Sudahlah" was selected to become the single hero on the album For All. The reason is because the song has the strength in the notation, and his verse, plus accents of the voice choir of adults to children that it was so crowded, adding its own nuance. This song tells us that if we dream of hope has not materialized does not necessarily make us be sad prolonged, cause everythings gonna be ok.

"Whatever happens I're always there for you, do not be sad cause you is everythings gonna be OK".

New Single Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black
Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black title hits song "Ya Sudahlah".
Bondan Prakoso & Fade2Black title hits song "For All".

Download Full Album, Disini

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