Nidji - Let's Play [Full Album 2009]

Nidji Humble on Third Album.
Nidji back into action with the debut of they new album. If the first and second album more actractif Nidji, this time Giring cs will be more modest.

Nidji latest album titled 'Lets Play' and the song 'Sang Mantan' good fortune to be its flagship song. It Old process of making was recognized vocalist, Giring little longer, which is five months.

The first album, Nidji many experiments. Our second album is more in the action stage, and the third album we try more humble and more simple," said Giring when launching his new album with NIDJIholic at the Hotel Nikko, Jakarta Pusat, Friday (16/10/2009).

Three times spawned an album, make Nidji feel should be developed in terms of cultivation of the song. Thus, Giring cs time to promote honesty in the cultivation of the album's heart. This lakoni since they worked on the song 'Laskar Pelangi'.

The eleven songs in the album, 'Lets Play' is mostly created by the vocalist. But that does not mean other personnel do not work, they also create a song with a forward sense.

"On this album every song is honesty from us," said Giring.

01. Nidji Title Hits Song "Sang Mantan".
02. Nidji Title Hits Song "Ku Takkan Bisa".
03. Nidji Title Hits Song "Dosakah Aku".
04. Nidji Title Hits Song "Lost In Love".
05. Nidji Title Hits Song "Let's Play".
06. Nidji Title Hits Song "Rela Berkata".
07. Nidji Title Hits Song "Tak Terjamah".
08. Nidji Title Hits Song "Hari Yang Terindah".
09. Nidji Title Hits Song "Pahlawan Mimpi".
10. Nidji Title Hits Song "Saat Yang Tepat".
11. Nidji Title Hits Song "Today".
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