Mikha Tambayong Title Hits Song "Bekas Pacar" [New Single 2010]

After success with their single "Cinta Pertama", a young artist getting out of Micah Tambayong second single titled "Bekas Pacar". Recently, a sitcom actress "Kepompong" make a video clip of the song in a cafe in Jakarta.

As preparation, the mother who looks long hair extention Micah. "Mama personal stylist, from fitting shooting clothes, hair extention, all helping mama," said the virgin birth of 15 September 1994 was quoted as saying by "Status Selebritis" impression on SCTV, Wednesday (24 / 3).

When interviewed journalist, suddenly a man came to ask for photos together. Though surprised, Micah continues to serve the request. Funny thing, the fans asked for another person being photographed with the camera.

"Suddenly he asked for pictures, hold him not carry his own cell phone, he borrowed, people are also shocked," the story of Micah, laughing. Not only once, when Micah makeup, the same man walked back to ask for a picture together. Wow, big fan nih.

Video filming began. According to Micah, the song 'Bekas Pacar' is about a girl who has a boyfriend, but his girlfriend was having an affair with her best friend. This song sounds more up beat than 'Cinta Pertama'. "Later on the album if I go out, do not forget to buy, do not buy the bootleg," the message the singer's nephew was Harvey Malaiholo.

New Single 2010
Mikha Tambayong Title Hits Song "Bekas Pacar".

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