Dewi Dewi - Sumpah I Love You [New Single 2008]

After 1 year vocal group consisting of ina, tata and puri this release first album years ago, entitled "Recycle Plus" Now Dewi Dewi debut release their second album will be released before the end of the year 2008. In this album the feel of the Rock thick as previous albums. Ina discharge from the vocal group this does not affect the existence of many in their path rock. In this second album will be the champion song is "Sumpah I Love You" which is still created by the Bos Ahmad Dhani. There is no telling about the album title to the two Dewi Dewi this. Dewi Dewi has completed the first Video Clip they are single.

New Single Dewi Dewi
Dewi Dewi Title Hits Song 'Sumpah I Love You'.
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Adele - 19 - Deluxe Edition (2008)

Product Description.
Import only enhanced two CD 'deluxe edition' of the British vocalist's 2008 debut album includes a bonus disc with 10 live tracks recorded at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles including 'Chasing Pavements', 'Melt My Heart To Stone', 'That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' On' and 'Many Shades Of Black' performed by Adele and The Racontuers. Also included is an nine minute enhanced section that features behind the scenes footage. 19 is the debut album from the singer/songwriter. Citing her influences as diverse as Etta James, Jill Scott, Bjork, Dusty Springfield, Billy Bragg, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, The Cure and Peggy Lee, Adele is a truly unique new artist. With her mix up of R&B and Soul served up with a healthy dash of feisty London attitude, she spins beautiful dark stories of loves won and lost and sometimes just daydreamed about. XL.

Track List :
CD1 :
01 Daydreams 03:41
02 Best For Last 04:19
03 Chasing Pavements 03:31
04 Cold Shoulder 03:12
05 Crazy For You 03:28
06 Melt My Heart To Stone 03:24
07 First Love 03:10
08 Right As Rain 03:17
09 Make You Feel My Love 03:32
10 My Same 03:16
11 Tired 04:19
12 Hometown Glory 04:31

01 Right As Rain (Live) 03:28
02 Melt My Heart To Stone (Live) 03:21
03 My Same (Live) 03:02
04 That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On (Live) 02:21
05 Chasing Pavements (Live) 03:49
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Hinder - Take it to the Limit [Album 2008]

Product Description.
"Take It To The Limit" is Hinder's much anticipated follow-up album to their breakthrough 3X platinum smash Extreme Behavior. The new CD, Take It To The Limit, was produced by Extreme Behavior producer Brian Howes, Largely credited with reviving the `live fast-play hard' work ethic embodied by many of rock's seminal 1970s bands, Hinder blazed new trails in virtually every music platform the past two years. Their epic 2006 debut album launched three successful singles, including the multi-format #1 smash "Lips Of An Angel," earning a dizzying array of chart-topping honors. The hit song was also recognized as Active Rock Radio's most popular rock single of 2006. Extreme Behavior became a mainstay of the Billboard Top 200 Album charts for nearly a year and a half, endearing them to a diverse array of rock fans as Hinder soared to become one of the most successful grassroots-artist development stories of the decade. The band also conquered the digital and ringtone arenas, becoming the biggest selling rock artist in the history of the mobile formats, reaching a record breaking 3 million in ringtone sales thanks to their rock anthem "Lips Of An Angel," which was the scorching second single from their 2006 debut effort. The multi-format smash seized the #1 spot on both the Top 40 Pop Radio Chart and the Digital Download Chart, putting the Oklahoma fivesome on or near the top of multiple radio, video and digital charts. The across-the-board smash has been certified by the RIAA as the first and only triple platinum Mastertone in rock music history.

Wikipedia : Take It to the Limit (Hinder album).
Take It to the Limit is the second studio album of rock band Hinder. The album has been in the works since January 2008 and was released November 4, 2008. The album was recorded by Jay Van Poederooyen and produced by Brian Howes at Van Howes Studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The record was mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Mix LA in Tarzana, California, USA. It has a much heavier glam metal sound than their last album. The album has been certified Gold by the RIAA US.

Track List :
1. Use Me
2. Thing for You
3. Heaven Sent You
4. Loaded and Alone
5. Last Kiss Goodbye
6. The Best is Yet to Come
7. Without You
8. Far From Home
9. Lost in the Sun
10. Take it to the Limit
11. Up All Night
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Celine Dion - My Love (Ultimate Essential Collection) [Album 2008]

Product Description
Two CD set. 2 CD set with 26 songs includes all 17 songs from single disc. Not on original 'All The Way...:', '(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman', 'The Prayer', (duet with Andrea Bocelli), 'Tell Him' (duet with Barbra Streisand), 'I Knew I Loved You', 'Dance With My Father', 'Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore(taken from D'eux, the biggest selling non-English album in history).

The Celebrity Cafe : Celine Dion - My Love - Ultimate Essential Collection.
Celine Dion with her powerful booming voiced ballads radiate out through the filtered air off her new album, My Love – Ultimate Essential Collection. It truly is ultimate alright as Celine’s vocals are earth shattering. Her voice gives these collective song beasts wings to fly and take off, but it’s the backdrop of chants and wondrous idiosyncrasies that allow it to soar. All Celine fans will be in heaven with her new collection that doesn’t let go of your heart as she delivers some of her best tracks and even gives us the gift of some new ones.

The songs come to life as her voice manifests itself into some visual dancing being that seduces us and ultimately is ravishing as it’s fierce with passion. She intertwines some of her big famous songs with some lesser known to make for a great balance as the music speaks for itself. The infamous Titanic theme, My Heart Will Go On, made the cut with some other notable favorites. Celine proves she’s no wannabe diva more fixated on a scandalous outfit as her voice showers over us like the sun’s rays on a beautiful day.

The voice of an angel that is the inner being of Celine serenades us and is quote soothing. It’s inspiring to listen to as it raises you up with the great build and crescendo that slams and bangs at the end. Celine sticks to a traditional style that is diligent and creeps in the beginning, but gradually picks up steam making the end so powerful ring bells of jubilation for all.

01. My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From "Titanic") 4:41
02. Think Twice 4:49
03. It's All Coming Back To Me Now 5:20
04. A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) 4:20
05. My Love (Live Version) 5:05
06. Taking Chances 4:03
07. That's The Way It Is 4:02
08. The Power Of Love 4:48
09. Because You Loved Me (Theme From "Up Close & Personal") 4:34
10.Tell Him (Duet With Barbra Streisand) 4:52
11.Falling Into You 4:19
12.I Drove All Night 4:00
13.I'm Alive 3:31
14.All By Myself 4:00
15.Alone 3:25
16.Immortality (Feat. The Bee Gees) 4:11
17.Beauty And The Beast (Duet With Peabo Bryson) 4:04
18.There Comes A Time 4:03

01. River Deep, Mountain High 4:11
02. One Earth 3:25
03. I'm Your Angel (Duet With R. Kelly) 5:31
04. Only One Road 4:49
05. Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore 4:14
06. You & I 4:05
07. To Love You More 4:40
08. Eyes On Me 3:55
09. Have You Ever Been In Love 4:09
10.The Reason 5:00
11.Seduces Me 3:47
12.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 4:08
13.Dance With My Father 4:36
14.Misled 3:31
15.Love Can Move Mountains 3:59
16.Call The Man 6:02
17.Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) 5:20
18.The Prayer (Duet With Andrea Bocelli) 4:27
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David Foster Hit Man: David Foster And Friends [Live 2008]

Product Description
The spectacular one-night only concert of David Foster and Friends, featuring Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Katharine McPhee, Celine Dion, Blake Shelton, Brian McKnight and Charice, is now available on CD and DVD. Spotlighting #1 hits, award-winning songs and other favorites-all but one originally penned and/or produced by Foster-the May 23, 2008 show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was unforgettable. Now 'Hit Man: David Foster and Friends' scores a direct hit with music fans at home.

The Celebrity Cafe : David Foster - Hit Man: David Foster and Friends.
David Foster is a wonderful composer and the album, Hit Man: David Foster and Friends, showcases that. Foster uses his connections to assemble a powerful group for just one night. This live album showcases a beautiful arrangement and some of David Foster’s greatest hits that span more than 30 years of music composing and producing.

Some songs on the album get the wonderful treatment of becoming a duet. The classic Michael Buble song, “Home,” becomes an interesting duet with country singer Blake Shelton; it sounds beautiful but I find an unintentional (and yet funny) gay theme to it now that it’s sung between the two. I’m very surprised how “Bridge Over Troubled Water” works between Josh Groban and Brian McKnight; McKnight harmonizes beautifully in the end of the song.

Intentional or not, Foster used this concert to show off the two talents he wants to promote: Charice and Katherine McPhee. David Foster’s protégé, a 16-year-old Filipino girl named Charice, gives a commanding performance of “I Have Nothing” and “I Will Always Love You.” Getting this album just for this track is probably enough. I never understood exactly why Foster took a liking to Katherine McPhee (and I voted for her), but she does a decent version of “Somewhere,” which is saved by the epic arrangements behind her. She probably has the airiest voice out of all the singers, so she ends up looking like the weak link on the whole production of powerhouse singing superstars.

To be a nitpick, “I Will Always Love You” isn’t a David Foster song originally, but I’m sure he used his version from The Bodyguard to showcase his protégé. Celine Dion wasn’t bringing her A-Game either. Her version of “Because You Loved Me” sounds tired and off tempo. I’m a little confused by the arrangement of Peter Cetera’s track. It seems like the higher keys he sang got synthesized, but the lower part stayed normal during “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.” As an album by itself, it’s flawed, but when you attach the DVD along with it, it becomes a worthwhile deal, since the DVD has more tracks.

David Foster has had a strong career of hits, and has created many memorable songs. Hit Man is a legendary album and something I wish artists would do more often: come together and make beautiful music.

Track Listings
1. Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire - Foster, David
2. Home - Buble, Michael
3. I Have Nothin/I Will Always Love You - Parton, Dolly
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon, Paul
5. Because You Loved Me - Warren, Diane
6. Wildflower - Edwards, Doug
7. Somewhere - Bernstein, Leonard~
8. Hard to Say I'm Sorry/You're the Inspiration/Glory of Love - Foster, David
9. The Prayer - Foster, David

# Audio CD (November 11, 2008)
# Original Release Date: November 11, 2008
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Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone Special Edition (2008)

Product Description
Special Edition includes bonus tracks and a DVD featuring the making of All Hope Is Gone. After over 5 million albums sold in the US, Slipknot returns with their most powerful statement yet - All Hope Is Gone. Filled with the fury people have come to expect from Slipknot as well as some extraordinary surprises, this album is the culmination of the band' s 9 unique members, three platinum albums and their 10 year journey at the top of the Hard Rock genre. Kicked off by the powerful crescendo that is Execute and Gematria (The Killing Name) and ending with the blistering track All Hope Is Gone - the album is a cohesive statement about the world today and truly cements the band as one of Rock' s heavyweights. The lead single Psychosocial will propel the new album to match and exceed the success of the last album, Vol 3: Subliminal Verses which produced numerous Top 20 songs at Rock radio including a Top 5 track at Active and Modern Rock radio.

1. Execute – 1:49
2. Gematria (The Killing Name) – 6:02
3. Sulfur – 4:38
4. Psychosocial – 4:42
5. Dead Memories – 4:29
6. Vendetta – 5:16
7. Butcher's Hook – 4:15
8. Gehenna – 6:53
9. This Cold Black – 4:40
10. Wherein Lies Continue – 5:37
11. Snuff – 4:36
12. All Hope Is Gone – 4:45

Bonus tracks
13. Child of Burning Time
14. Vermilion Pt. 2" (Bloodstone mix) – 3:39
15. Til We Die
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Sirenia - The 13th Floor (2009)

SIRENIA: 'The 13th Floor' Artwork Revealed.
The cover artwork for "The 13th Floor", the new album from the Norwegian/Spanish female-fronted gothic metal band SIRENIA, can be viewed below (artwork by Jan Yrlund). Due on January 23, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records, the CD was tracked at Sound Suite Studios in France and Stargoth Studios in Norway while the mixing and mastering sessions took place at the Antfarm Studios in Denmark with Tue Madsen. The group says, "Expect a melodic and powerful album in the typical SIRENIA vein. The album features guest appearances by Jan Kenneth Barkved (who also did some guest appearances on our debut, 'At Sixes and Sevens'), French violin player Stephanie Valentin adds to the sound along with the Sirenian choir that has been an important part of our sound since the very beginning."

Fan-filmed video footage of SIRENIA — featuring the band's latest addition, 25-year-old Spanish singer Ailyn (born: Pilar Giménez García) — performing the song "My Mind's Eye" on July 10, 2008 at the Masters Of Rock festival in Vizovice, Czech Republic can be viewed below (clip uploaded by YouTube user "budeto").

SIRENIA recruited Ailyn as the replacement for Monika Pedersen, who left the group last fall after only one album due to "musical differences."

Ailyn is best known as a member of the young team in the Spanish version of "The X Factor", the biggest television talent competition in Europe.

SIRENIA's last album, "Nine Destinies and a Downfall", entered the German Media Control chart in March 2007 at position No. 54.

Track list :
01. The Path To Decay "04:19"
02. Lost In Life "03:14"
03. The Mind Maelstrom "04:50"
04. The Seventh Summer "05:24"
05. Beyond Life's Scenery "04:35"
06. The Lucid Door "04:51"
07. Led Astray "04:37"
08. Winterborn 77 "05:36"
09. Sirens Of The Seven Seas "05:12"
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Keyshia Cole - A Defferent Me - Retail [Album 2008]

Product Description.
A Different Me is the third studio album by R&B singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole. The road to riches wasn't easy for Keyshia yet her hard work and great voice are her successful rewards. Besides the release of a 2008 album, the new season of her BET reality show, touring and personal appearances, Keyshia is gearing up for the production of a movie based on her life. The lead single off the album, "Playa Cardz Right" featuring Tupac, originally appeared on Tupac's Pac's Life, and this version was rearranged by the hugely successful Grammy nominated Cole with producers Ron Fair plus Carvin and Ivan.

Cover Art of Keyshia Cole's 'A Different Me'.
While her LP, 'Different Me', will not hit the U.S. market until mid December, Keyshia Cole brings out an official cover art for the upcoming album.

An official cover art for Keyshia Cole's third studio LP "A Different Me" has been unveiled. On the cover art posted on the news photo, the R&B singer/songwriter is shown wearing a swimsuit with tattoos on her left wrist and right upper arm.

"A Different Me" is scheduled to come out in the United States on December 16 via Geffen/Interscope Records. One of the songs titled "Playa Cardz Right" which features Tupac Shakur has hit the airplays since October 21 and it can be listened through Interscope.

"It's a different me this time: a young woman who's still growing and finding myself, exploring life through different routes musically and in other areas," Keyshia commented on her latest work. "I wrote more about other people's situations than my own. I'm moving forward."

01. A Different Me (Intro)
02. Make Me Over
03. Please Don’t Stop
04. Erotic
05. You Complete Me
06. No OTher Fea. Anima Harris
07. Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yeah Feat. NAS
08. Playa Cardz Right Feat. 2-Pac
09. Brand New
10. Trust
11. Thought You Shold Know
12. This Is Us
13. Where This Love Could End Up
14. Beautiful Music
15. A Different Me (Outro)
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T.I. feat. Rihanna - Livin your life [New Single 2008]

T.I. Feat. Rihanna “Living Your Life”.
Another track from the MTV Video Music Awards is starting to get some action. One of T.I.’s best songs to date.

Single Song T.I. feat. Rihanna
T.I. feat. Rihanna - Livin your life
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Sheryl Crow - Home For Christmas [Album 2008]

Music Review: Sheryl Crow - Home For Christmas.
In past years, Sheryl Crow has contributed select performances to various holiday music compilations, most notably to the Special Olympics benefit series, A Very Special Christmas. This year, she has released her first full-length holiday album, Home For Christmas, which is available exclusively from Hallmark.

Covering nine yuletide standards as well as one original song, Crow is at turns playful and poignant, summoning a warmhearted, musically eclectic set.

Some songs accentuate a thick blanket of brass, encouraging Crow to deliver particularly spirited and soulful performances. She spruces up “Blue Christmas” — a new recording, not her 1997 rendition — with a chugging arrangement highlighted by Booker T. Jones’ agile organ flourishes. On the spiritual, “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” Crow leads a rich and stirring recital enlivened by a gospel choir. As well, she jazzes up “White Christmas” as bassist David Hayes anchors a swinging rhythm; and she works up a loose and boisterous version of “Merry Christmas Baby” that revels in mischievous delight.

Other songs embrace more of a majestic yet unassuming resonance, drawing out melodic subtleties that envelop Crow’s sinuous voice. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is interpreted with grace and sincerity, the singer inflecting a tinge of melancholy amid a veil of strings. Similarly, “The Bells of St. Mary” assumes a sort of resplendence as Crow enriches its deft orchestration with, arguably, her finest vocal on the album.

With her self-penned offering, “There Is A Star That Shines Tonight,” Crow takes to the piano in an earnest prayer for world peace while, on the traditional, “All Through The Night,” she conveys reassurance, intoning its lyrics like a lullaby.

On the whole, Home For Christmas not only makes for an engaging complement to Sheryl Crow’s catalog, but would be a worthy addition to any holiday music collection as well.

ARTIST: Sheryl Crow
TITLE: Home For Christmas
LABEL: Hallmark/A&M
BITRATE: 176kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 37m total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-10-11
RIP DATE: 2008-11-01

Track List :
1. Go Tell it on The Mountain 3:08
2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts 3:23
Roasing on an Open Fire)
3. White Christmas 3:31
4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas 3:42
5. Merry Christmas, Baby 3:15
6. The Bells of St. Mary’s 4:33
7. Blue Christmas 3:25
8. O Holy Night 3:40
9. There is a Star That Shines Tonight 3:59
10. All Through the Night 5:14
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Five Minutes - Semakin Kukejar Semakin Kau Jauh [New Single 2008]

In this new album Five Minutes truly step in immediately, and all with their own, the songs of the materials, recording, mixing and mastering the songs, even the making of the video clip for the 1st single "The Kukejar The Kau Far." This song really feels different from the songs of creation Ricky FM previously, it may be because in this song, all the personnel participated in Five Minutes to take part in the creation of songs and making albums.

New Single Five Minutes
Five Minutes Title Hits Song 'Semakin Kukejar Semakin Kau Jauh'.
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Siti Nurhaliza - Ketika Cinta (OST Soundtrack Perempuan Berkalung Sorban) [New Single 2008]

Hanung Brahmantyo unfailing make movies Indonesian bestseller sweet. Present with the film Ayat-ayat Cinta, Hanung really hit the spectators. This time, Hanung appear with a title latest film islam is 'Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih'. After the success with the 'Ost Ayat-ayat Cinta', which brought singers Rossa and Sherina, now, for Ost Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih, Hanung accelerate with the Malaysian diva, Siti Nurhaliza.

Islamic latest film genre "Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih" is one of the many titles of the films works Hanung Brahmantyo. Director of the young close to beautiful actrist Zaskia Adya Mecca is bringing actrist Revalina S Temat as the main women in the film.

Review Film 'Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih' was not yet out, but not curious though, you should read the short story behind this movie Islami. The film "Women Berkalung rosary" tells about the life of a wife named Annisa shackles by the behavior of the husband that is the result wedlock parents.

Unsparing, 2 song with a melody that was created by Siti Nurhalisa time in less than 30 minutes, so this candidate ost movie "Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih". Latest Songs Siti Nurhaliza entitled 'Batasku Asaku' and 'Ketika Cinta' This sounds so move. On the recording, Siti which is accompanied by her husband, Datuk Khalid, appear vibrant. Moreover, this is the first time in his life, Siti songs to create a movie.

Congratulations to create Hanung Brahmantyo film "Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih" and also congrats mean a singer do the original State Jiran, Siti Nurhaliza on the new song "Batasku Asaku" and "Ketika Cinta" is a movie sountrack islamic "Perempuan Berkalung Tasbih".

New Single Siti Nurhaliza
Siti Nurhaliza Title Hits Song Ketika Cinta (OST Perempuan Berkalung Sorban).
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Derby - Self Title [Full Album 2008]

Derby Romero: Small 'Rock'.
Seemingly not want to lose with its main partner in the film 'a lot!,' Derby 'sadam' Romero also want to try to get traction in the world voice. Male births in 1990 Jakarta on June 8 this, select the pop-rock as its initial color. Quite surprising actually, when Derby choose the color of rock as a foothold. Understandably, this music need special stamina and vocal.

No need to think hard as to what color his music, because it honestly, the owners full name 'Martua Rumero Derby Nainggolan' This is the beginning of the vote as a choice of rock music it. "My goal that would be so rockstar," said Derby plain in a press conference launching 'his tapes' in the Jamz, Friday (26 / 4) then.

His debut album titled 'Tangguh'. Color began to rock it feels when we know who the names on the back. There was Jaya, personnel band Roxx, then there is also Aria 'Baron Band,' Irwan 'Acid Speed', and Merry 'Smart Band'. All the names that work at track music rock or pop rock.

Derby itself when asked why choose a selection of rock, only a short answer, "it's still rare album children of rock." Actually, the album Derby is not classified as a children's album. Because of changes his vocal color to make Derby 'difficulties' determine the standing position. "Yah, the album is okay for teenagers," deception Igor Nainggolan, producers Derby from RNB (Ritme Nuansa Baru), which interpret the label albums Derby.

But Derby not without capital. During the year, children pair Igor Nainggolan and Nita Tanuwijaya this act like a teacher in Bornok Hutahuruk and Bertha. At least, the quality of vocal Derby not like singer beginners original tune. In addition, the song clip 'Tangguh' is also done with the maximum. "Just do it with the maximum. The result is the best, "said Igor.

Junior artists who are still sitting in class 6 Primary School is indeed quite busy. If the promo album now, it is a rushing it, other than a presenter at one of the private television, also a star some product ads.

Track List :
01. Derby Title Hits Song 'Tuhan Tolong'.
02. Derby Title Hits Song 'Gelora Asmara'.
03. Derby Title Hits Song 'Biarkan Aku Pergi'.
04. Derby Title Hits Song 'Cinta Terlarang'.
05. Derby Title Hits Song 'Cintailah Diriku'.
06. Derby Title Hits Song 'Hidupku Indah'.
07. Derby Title Hits Song 'Rindu'.
08. Derby Title Hits Song 'I Don't Want To Stay'.
09. Derby Title Hits Song 'You Feel The Same I Feel'.
10. Derby Title Hits Song 'Ambil Jiwaku'.
11. Derby Title Hits Song 'Gelora Asmara (Version Rock)'.
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de Spectrum - Sahabat Setia [Full Album 2008]

Krishna Balagita former personnel Ada Band groups trying to create a new band, who were given the name "de Spectrum". Forming the band takes a sizable long, started from the audition to be held to select the players band. Finally selected Diandra Chandra (vocalist) and Abdul (guitar) to join together with Krishna, they combined recently released debut album, which given the title "Sahabat Setia" production of Warner Music Indonesia.

After a 10-year career with Ada Band, Kriishna finally decided to exit from Ada Band, according to Krishna he would like more extensive exploration in music.
Vocalist 'Diandra Chandra' comes from Surabaya, and Abdul is a guitar player who has been known since a long time.

Album of the musicians are also involved, such as Yoyo, Fadly Padi, and Ronald Gigi. Single of the de Spectrum this time selected "Cinta Dalam Kesedihan".

Track List :
01 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Sungguh Sungguh Mati'.
02 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Cinta Dalam Kesedihan'.
03 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Sahabat Setia'.
04 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Cinta Pertama'.
05 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Andai Saja'.
06 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Kekagumanku'.
07 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Demi Cinta'.
08 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Ku Tak Bisa'.
09 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Hanya Kau Yang Bisa'.
10 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Jadikanku Yang Sejati'.
11 de Spectrum Title Hits Song 'Kau'.
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Omelette - Lagi ... Lagi ... [Full Album 2008]

Omelette Story.
For the band's new show, pause for 3 years this is a disadvantage because people forget the Omelette, let alone tens of pop bands such as mushrooms in the rainy season. There are channels through which lndie and major labels, there is also the birth place of the festival. One of two bands and ultimately successful Top while tens of others missing reportedly not heard again.
There is a time we appear in a less precise. Ah .. to hell with the views of people, yet they do not know us, how we were and where we will be soon. We must write our own history, even if we are to be 'fall-rise' and 'bleeding-blood'.

Since the album 'Persahabatan' as we released out hapless steady cook. The issue came silih switch and all of that we must finish one by one. If not assisted by management and the spirit of POS-Entertainment in this Dhani Pette-perhaps we have "mad".

For us far more easily to end the story Omelette up here, not the band again and concentrate fully on the school. But the correct word people call it soul music that we may not ignore. If we do not play music, it seems like there is a large hole in the heart. We do not know what the name, but we think all musicians will find things like that.
So we reinvigorate themselves, find bits of the match and regroup Omelette. Because of all the internal upheaval, the vacuum is not the right word to describe the time gap is 3 years.

Finally, the Release also.
Album "Lagi Lagi Omelette" will be the release date of 27 November this in the cassette shops across the Indonesia. This new album in distributed by Sony BMG, although postal Prod. actually first single, entitled 'lagi - lagi janji' is in the dist to the radio at all Indonesia. Hopefully it on the song's single. What about if people like the songs on it, and find the CD in the store nearest cassette.

Track List :
01 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Temanku Penipu'.
02 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Dalam Khayalku'.
03 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Apakah Itu (Yang Dinamakan Cinta)'.
04 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Ternyata Kau Ingin Pergi'.
05 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Lagi Lagi Janji'.
06 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Ingatan Lalu'.
07 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Tak Mampu Ungkapkan'.
08 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Keinginan Yang Tulus'.
09 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Pertama'.
10 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Sesal Tuk Mendua'.
11 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Sesal Yang Mendalam'.
12 Omelette Title Hits Song 'Maafkanlah'.
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Letto - Lubang di Hati [New Single 2008] [From Album Lethologica]

Lubang Di Hati, the First Single Lettox In Third Album.
Letto early next year will launch his newest album that is planned will be given the title Lethologica. The recording and mixing has been completed and now the process is entering its production phase MASTERING.

In this third album Letto the song 'Lubang Di Hati' creation and Cornel Noe as the first single. The regime has even in some radio stations in the ground water.

In this album Letto include 12 songs where three of them speak English.

New Single Song Letto
Letto Title Hits Song Lubang di Hati.
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Tere - Teretorial Hits [Album 2008]

Tersenyumlah, Tere Presentation for Disaster Victims.
"The hope is a strength" That is a philosophy that believed in Tere understand life. For a complete singer named Theresia Ebenna Ezeria Pardede, with a hope that people will Since we had to work, and pursue ideals, and his life more dynamic.

"Because people will not easily surrender or despair, as hopes will give strength to rise," she said when contacted in Jakarta on Tuesday (18/11).

To generate despair that is, women, birth Jakarta, 2 September 1979, is developed through a song. He gave the title "Tersenyumlah".

The song lyrics and its lyric written by Tere is also one of the newest hits on the album, which was launched in December planned future. Tere also mentioned, the song, inspired the event of natural disaster in Aceh and Yogyakarta.

Story, some time after the tsunami waves devastate the earth Serambi Mecca, he came to Meulaboh. There he felt witnessing the circumstances that caused the disaster. Not long later, he again encounter a similar situation during a visit to Yogyakarta not long after the region was affected by the earthquake.

"There I be to write a song. Content, there must always hope. Hope it comes from yourself, people should be aware that, " she said. Because of that, there needs to be awareness when people hopeless.

But, said Tere, Tersenyumlah not only hopes to tap those struck down 'nestapa' due to higher natural disasters. But also the lives of other issues. "For example, they drop out of love, or face other problems of life. With little hope they will still be able to rise, " she said.

Tersenyumlah is one of the 12 songs in the album title given Teretorial Hits. This album, besides containing three new songs Tere - including Tersenyumlah - also some hits from the previous three albums Tere, is 'Awal yang Indah', 'Sebuah Harapan' and 'Begitu Berharga'.

'Ihwal' choice of words is Teretorial, Tere explains, "It means the region or space for me, Tere, for themselves. A place to express my paper, a channel articulated my desire, " she explained. With the vehicle, it can freely to generate hope, both for themselves and others.

Furthermore, space is called Teretorial Hits, became a proof that she is also a hope, the hope for the best for other people, Tere supplement.

01. Tere Title Hits Song 'Tersenyumlah'.
02. Tere Title Hits Song 'Tak Pernah Sengaja'.
03. Tere Title Hits Song 'Kesepian Kita (feat Pas Band)'.
04. Tere Title Hits Song 'Sandiwara Yang Melelahkan'.
05. Tere Title Hits Song 'Selebihnya Dusta'.
06. Tere Title Hits Song 'Dosa Termanis'.
07. Tere Title Hits Song 'Mengapa Ini Yang Terjadi (feat Valent)'.
08. Tere Title Hits Song 'Pasangan Sepadan'.
09. Tere Title Hits Song 'Pencuri Hati'.
10. Tere Title Hits Song 'Aku Patut Membenci Dia'.
11. Tere Title Hits Song 'Awal Yang Indah'.
12. Tere Title Hits Song 'Tak Ingin Usai'.
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Kingkong - Cari Wanita [Full Album 2008]

Kingkong 'Cari Wanita' Record World Record.
Kingkong get the award from MURI, as record world record of the achievements of Women in Search songs downloaded 1,212 people simultaneously. Success world record, the expected sales followed a successful album and song download it.

"Today, I and Bachan joined in the Duo Kingkong winning awards from the Indonesian Museum of Record (MURI) on the performance of the world record 1,212 people simultaneously download songs to the property Kingkong, Find Woman," clearly Aldi Taher accompanied by Bachan, in Gazebo, Kebon Bintang Ragunan, Ragunan, South Jakarta, Sunday (7 / 12) afternoon.

Achievements can be achieved Kingkong, since 1212 Jakmania assistance that support. "Thank you Kingkong speak to the Jakmania that have made this achievement is reached. Hopefully, this success followed success selling albums," said Taher Aldi.

After creating the world record, Aldi directly promote the album Kingkong belong, the flag Nagaswara. Aldi says, "Music that we offer variations. Start dangdut, Rap, gambus, to marimis. We call pop style Kingkong intent".

Aldi adds, "music is light, easy, entertaining and certainly can eliminate the stress. Starting from title song 'Cari Wanita' to 10 other songs".

When asked why two concepts, Aldi said with businesslike. "Formerly, is band together Bachan. But, because we both feel comfortable and can more expression, eventually decided to make two, not the band".

For achieving this, Aldi and Bachan feel grateful. His desire to become singers and musicians who have long desired, finally slowly it can be obtained.

"This is not 'aji mumpung'. The problem is, now as before, and so before the model, artist and film endeavors, I foresee a jump in world music".

Tracklist :
01. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Cari Wanita'.
02. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'One Missed Call'.
03. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Jangan Siksa Aku (Tega)'.
04. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Seret Jodoh'.
05. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Air Mata Cinta'.
06. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Sang Pemenang'.
07. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Rada Malas (Lagu Wajib Anak Sekolah)'.
08. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Perbaiki Keturunan'.
09. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Kau Tak Layak Dicintai'.
10. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'N.N'.
11. Kingkong Title Hits Song 'Sutra Dwipa'.
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Second Civil - Second Civil [Full Album 2008]

Friendster Second Civil : New Album.
Next Album 'SECOND CIVIL' latest release pointing 7 November 2008 ...
This we well, hopefully everything can be smooth and fragrant success also brought the name of Cirebon to the music industry Indonesianx ..

In our latest album 'Ricky' 'Five Minutes' producer of the album assist SC and' the video Clip it, you can also enjoy it at all 'private TV and local ..
and you can all dapetin tapes and Cd in all its stores tapes.
you can also use RBT from the songs we, SECOND CIVIL ...

Tracklist :
01. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Terpilih dan Terkasih"
02. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Lagu Sepi... (Ini Milikku)".
03. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Dan Bila".
04. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Dirimu".
05. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Aku, Kau dan Kenanganku".
06. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Cinta Rahasia".
07. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Sept '07 (Bersama Bintangmu) (Feat. Hanna)".
08. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Kisah Yang Hilang".
09. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Kau Pilih Dia".
10. Second Civil Title Hits Song "Ini Bukan Akhir".
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