Latinka Title Hits Song 'Aku Bisa Mati'

Single song Latinka, Aku Bisa Mati
The title song sung Latinka invited pros and cons. Many say the song 'Aku Bisa Mati' was creepy and contains elements of mystical.
"Many have listened anyway. Honestly everything we do there must be pros and cons. To be sure many and many who like to listen to because it's easy to remember the same songs with titles that people like that, so quick to remember," she said when met at the Studio RCTI Gardens Citrus, West Jakarta, Friday (03/16/2012).
Family and close friends Latinka just feel the song Latinka pleasant enough, they also support Latinka singing the song. "They say a lot of really scary title, but after listen to really good song too, so they're much the same pro of this song," she said.
Not only easy to remember people, Latinka sing this song as catchy. "The song is somewhat scary, but really the content of his songs are not as sordid as its title. Point we have to look for words that cathcy, so easy to sell, that's the goal," she concluded.

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