D'Bagindas Title Hits Song 'Maafkan'

D'BAGINDAS - Maafkan
As a band that is still quite new in the world of country music, D Bagindas apparently enough to get a good reception. This is evident from the moment they met at the Transport Museum, Ancol, Jakarta, Monday (19/9) was shooting for their second single, 'Maafkan'.
"Today again filming for 'Maafkan', this is the second single from our second album which is divided into two volumes. The challenge is for the art team. Since setting his clothes hard, looking for a suitable property is also rather difficult. So fun, no challenge," explains Bian, vocalist D Bagindas.
According to the Dandy, the guitarist, the concept of this video clip about the love triangle, but with the ancient concept of wrapping alias old.
"The story of a man is caught having an affair with a married Dutch woman, the man eventually apologized and returned with his wife. Role of her boyfriend by Bian, Michael made ​​his own songs. We talked to management, asking for setting ancient. Inspiration heck of film old, carried it. Thank God, though not too smooth, a bit difficult, but it can be. There is setting the band perform at the station as well, "added Dandy length.

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