Acha Septriasa Title Album Keputusan Hati [Album 2009]

The figure Acha Septriasa in the world's voice could pull away, but before the month of Ramadan this year, 19-year-old virgin was re-released a mini album called 'KEPUTUSAN HATI'.

"I feel proud and grateful, because the way my life was no change in my career that originally planning a career in film, and then yesterday, yesterday I started sweeping the world of drag votes. I feel the pull of the world was the sound, so the singer is not easy , many of which have I learned from scratch, "he said.

Met in the mini-album launch event at Studio 512, Jl. H. Samali, South Jakarta, Wednesday (12 / 8), a former lover Cornejo admitted if he wants to change the image in the album containing the song 4.

"Actually there is no difference, just more to the image, the person him my usual singer duet. Now I am trying to change a singer soloists," he explained.

As a singer who is still new enough to music industry penetrated, the owner's full name Jelita Septriasa it seems to not want half measures in the works. Imagine, all the songs in the album which anyarnya he wrote, he even became a producer, arranger only handed over to Rudi D.

"Initially it's a hobby writing, it was long enough, could eventually make the lyrics. Well now is trying to create for its tone," he concluded.

Track List:
01. Acha Septriasa Title Hits Song "Maunya Apalagi".
02. Acha Septriasa Title Hits Song "Tentang Kita".
03. Acha Septriasa Title Hits Song "Keputusan Hati".
04. Acha Septriasa Title Hits Song "SKS (Salahku Kau Selingkuh)".
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