Naff - Senandung Hati Dan Jiwa (Live Accoustic) [Full ALbum 2009]

Naff re-release a new album titled "Senandung Hati dan Jiwa" and the new album, Naff will create a new concept by acoustic music concerts live.

"We pengen more different colors than the previous arrangements. Faced with this acoustic concert of stress every day," Dedi said the guitarist found in the release of the album 'Heart and Soul chanting' As quoted from, Thursday (14/5/2009) the night.

In a mini acoustic concert and recorded in latest album Naff that they brought 9 old songs with the addition of several new songs. The new concept recognized 'Naff' bikin deg degan.

"Because this is a live acoustic and certainly expected to play good," explains vocalist Adi.

Not just acoustic band from Bandung that slipped instrumental and traditional elements in his music. The sounds of drums and flutes will be heard clearly.

01 Naff Title Hits Song 'Bila Kau...(Jatuh Cinta)'.
02 Naff Title Hits Song 'Kenanglah Aku'.
03 Naff Title Hits Song 'Bila Nanti Kau Milikku'.
04 Naff Title Hits Song 'Yang Tak Pernah Bisa Mencintaimu'.
05 Naff Title Hits Song 'Tak Seindah Cinta Yang Semestinya'.
06 Naff Title Hits Song 'Kau Masih Kekasihku'.
07 Naff Title Hits Song 'Bila Aku Pulang'.
08 Naff Title Hits Song 'Sampai Kapan'.
09 Naff Title Hits Song 'Ku Ingin Kau Selalu Ada'.
10 Naff Title Hits Song 'A.N.G'.
11 Naff Title Hits Song 'Seharusnya Kita'.
12 Naff Title Hits Song 'Sebaiknya'.
13 Naff Title Hits Song 'Terendap Laraku'.
14 Naff Title Hits Song 'Akhirnya Ku Menemukanmu'.
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