T2 - Lebai (New Single 2009)

The effects of the success of the album we try to in the application of the new album title be 'Jangan Lebai' which will be released early in January 2009. In general, the quality of the music of this second album we have a sense of improvement. Aransemennya remain simple, but its pop feel more fresh.

And in some songs, there are elements of the string section, distortion effects and sometimes fast in some songs. The idea is more mature. Formerly, more teenagers and children, it is like to stage a ride again. That look of the themes that we make.

Kai also provide shade in some rock songs, like track Pujangga. In fast tempo, this song is made with the effects violin and synthesizer in the interlude.

In the process, this album is clearly central to the direction towards a more mature and adult anymore. Starting from the election sound to lyrics are made. There is little improvement.

In this second album "Jangan Lebai", T2 also boosted a number of famous musicians, Charly 'ST12', Pia 'Utopia', Noe 'letto', Ari Bias, Erry Blind, and many more.

New Single Song T2
T2 Title Hits Song 'Lebai'.
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