D'Bagindas Title Album C.I.N.T.A (Full Album 2010)

The proliferation of bands in the country, enough to prove that the music industry indeed timeless. Like an oasis in the desert, the presence of new bands are always in later by the community. To quench your thirst will be a named entertainment: music.

D'Bagindas, is one among many such bands. They attend and bring something new to the music market in the country. They are the bearer of something new is Bian (vocals), Mike (keyboards / acoustic guitar), Tile (guitar), and Dandy (guitar). See the formations and musical instruments they play, it seemed more fitting d'Bagindas into acoustic band. "We almost do not care about those comments about D'Bagindas. We are here to enliven the music festivals in the country. Need to be different and of course D'Bagindas music lovers want to entertain people in this country, "says Tile represents three personnel d'Bagindas.

Present Full Confidence
If the presence of a band did not get a good response and appreciation from the audience, of course, can be ascertained that these bands will not be able to exist and even be great in this industry. So that means also that a band's fan club is the central point that could bring a domino effect for the continuation of the band itself.

Departure from the current reality, D'Bagindas is one example of a new band who think a good response and appreciation from the Indonesian community. Even those researching gait fan club some great bands that flourish in the community. Evidence that a well-established and well known band with a Fan Club. Emotional bond between the band with his fan club will try dihadirkannya realized by the group of bands. Besides a variety of surprise had been prepared for the bands that perform, for example on television, will add its own effect on the program that aired. Usually, viewers can see directly the interaction and closeness between the fans with their idol. For D'Bagindas, which must appear confident. "We have no fear of being called to imitate other bands, just because our music is similar to the band. We are here to entertain music lovers in Indonesia, "says Tile.

Color "Malays" Pain No "Malays"
With the debut single "Apa Yang Terjadi", D'Bagindas very confident to step brings a different color Malays. Material self-titled debut album "C.I.N.T.A" is thick with the color of the Malays. However Tile guarantee that, "D'Bagindas songs should not really sung with a sense of Malays." That is, the music D "can still be categorized Bagindas pop genre.

The question is how Melayu D'Bagindas songs? Songs contained in D'Bagindas debut album, lyrics are not Malays. But, from the notation was impressed there is an element of Malays. "Twisted vocal Bian like dangdut, but not total," said Mike, the creator of all the songs D'Bagindas. The songs are nominated to become the leading single, "Apa Yang Terjadi" and "Cinta", created by Mike from his own personal experience and imagination to the love story between two lovers.

"Initially, D 'Bagindas comes with a color pop rock music but in line with market trends, we're changing the music track from pop rock to pop Malays," said Dandy, representing his three friends from D'Bagindas.

Me-wilt pop song, of course, still requires skill. For D'Bagindas, the key lies in a twisted sense of vocal Melayu Bian. It should be noted, he admitted idolized Rhoma Irama and likes dangdut. Seeing the seriousness of their tastes in music, including following the market, it could be possible to combine Bagindas D'dangdut drum drum into the game, "pleaded his prayer so that we can give an entertainment of music and songs Melayu color without having to be the Malays in a real sense , "Tile said.

Starting From ...
D'Bagindas certainly will not stop spawn their works in music. Because music is one hobby that unites them. D'Bagindas, formed early from Mike's friendship, Dandy and Tile in Bandung. "Previously we had been the band. In fact we had so indie. Then we switched to color more into rock music. So, if anyone asked or told, D'Bagindas just the most well-follow-up Ikuta, passengers looking for popularity, or anything else, we say a big mistake. But we're not angry. Music is a universal. Liked anybody. And if we are a hobby, it would be ... "clear Tile.

Originally named D'Bagindas Violin. Does not mean anything because they did not teralu dizzy thinking about names. Their friend, Herbert, change the name to D'Bagindas Violin at the computer, why, "after hearing our songs, the proper name for our band is D'Bagindas. So here we are! "Explained Mike. Whatever you call it, hopefully Bagindas D'steps can keep running smoothly. D'Bagindas hope that music can be enjoyed by the whole community of Indonesian music lovers can come true.

Track List :
01 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Apa Yang Terjadi".
02 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Cinta".
03 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Empat Mata".
04 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Tak Seindah Malam Kemarin".
05 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Dimana Sumpahmu".
06 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Kumenunggu".
07 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Buktikan".
08 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Setia".
09 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Kangen".
10 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Suka Sama Kamu".
11 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Sayang Sayang".
12 D'Bagindas Title Hits Song "Dihatiku Ada Namamu".
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