Ungu Band Title Track 'Kau Anggap Apa'

Pasha Ungu look up for the video clip "Kau Anggap Apa". Directed by Rendra Bramantyo, ex-husbands Okie Agustina was willing battered as the music video star.
The music video was picked up the story as Pasha kidnapped and tortured by thugs. The incident he experienced because of his love of the beloved parent is not condoned.
"Here nature and macho men out because there are more scenes of torture against Pasha," said the Rendra when in Sawangan, Depok, Monday (5/11). "Usually it is more to romance drama that's why we make a unique no drama matches.
Rendra also praised the acting Pasha is quite natural. "He was natural and easy for acting. Pasha himself says the concept is cool," said Rendra.
"Kau Anggap Apa" is a new single on the album "Timeless" (2012). In addition to a number of hits, new songs presented on the album is the "Apa Sih Maumu", "Sayang" and "Puing Kenangan".
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