OST Laskar Pelangi [Full Album 2008]

OST Laskar Pelangi: Many Rainbow.
Laskar Pelangi sweet bestseller from the novel, the film, to soundtrack (OST) it. In the album OST Laskar Pelangi some take the word 'Pelangi'.

The first song which of course presented the results of the works Nidji entitled Laskar Pelangi. Songs that are familiar in the ears of music and decorate children advance in the radio charts this sounds good.

Friction biola and cello lead to a harmonious unity tone invite the ear to listen to continuously track the creation of vocalist Nidji, Giring, is.

No lag, Sherina. After participating fill OST Ayat-Ayat Cinta, the former junior stage that appear in OST Laskar Pelangi with Ku Bahagia. Verses its 'satir' bitter recount the life of ten children Laskar Pelangi.

Switch to the song Netral entitled Lintang, children advance to rock songs certainly pleased to hear it. In the middle of other songs seems slow, Netral come menghentak ear. Band of the three people that tried to depict the Lintang that abstinence surrender and respite combatant.

Then Gita Gautawa showcase his golden voice in the song 'Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia'. The song is no different with songs in the album Gita themed musical. He tried to describe feelings Ikal when meet A Ling.

Sahabat Kecil be Ipang 'BIP' to describe the friendship of ten children Belitong joined in Laskar Pelangi.

'Float' through the songs 'Waltz Musim Pelangi', sounds different from previous songs. Not to Garasi with the song 'Sahabat' trying to analyze the meaning friends.

Pursuing a mainstay Hopeful Gugun & The Bluesbug. Finally, Veris Yamarno, Mahar player, and Makarama carries the song Bunga Seroja. The song in the film Laskar Pelangi, sung Mahar reassure the hearts Ikal sad because that broken heart.

Track List :
01. Nidji Title Hits Song 'Laskar Pelangi'.
02. Sherina Title Hits Song 'Ku Bahagia'.
03. Netral Title Hits Song 'Lintang'.
04. Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song 'Tak Perlu Keliling Dunia'.
05. Ipang Title Hits Song 'Sahabat Kecil'.
06. Meng Float Title Hits Song 'Waltz Musim Pelangi'.
07. Garasi Title Hits Song 'Sahabat'.
08. Gugun & The Bluesbug Title Hits Song 'Mengejar Harapan'.
09. Veris Yamarno & Marakama Title Hits Song 'Bunga Seroja'.
10. Nidji Title Hits Song 'Laskar Pelangi' (Full String version).
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