Koil - Black Light Shines On [Full Album 2008] And KOIL Feat. The Rock - Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi ( New Single 2008 )

Blacklight Shines on is an album by rock band the original Bandung Koil. This album includes the album to-3 them, which released 6 years after the album-2 to them, Megaloblast (2001).

Although the gap between this album by album to-2 Koil (Megaloblast), the process has tillage album starts since 2000, an early. However, there are two things that would make this album really long time. Second thing is: Failure recording, and the pain suffered the vocalist JA Verdijantoro in 2003, making Koil can not perform a concert at all. Furthermore, the Koil and other personnel involved in another occupation, which is managing a store called God Inc. The cause Koil enter the vacuum.

his album is released by Koil in MP3 form for free download (MP3, which can be downloaded free). Koil have to get sponsors from the 'Jack Daniel's' to produce and sell cassettes album Blacklight Shines On is.

Track List :
1. Koil Title Hits Song 'Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi' (4:04)
2. Koil Title Hits Song 'Semoga Kau Sembuh part ll' (7:42)
3. Koil Title Hits Song 'Ajaran Moral Sesaat' (4:48)
4. Koil Title Hits Song 'Aku Lupa Aku Luka' (4:30)
5. Koil Title Hits Song 'Hanya Tinggal Kita Berdua' (7:15)
6. Koil Title Hits Song 'Sistem Kepemilikan' (4:25)
7. Koil Title Hits Song 'Nyanyikan Lagu Perang' (4:59)
8. Koil Title Hits Song 'Semoga Kau Sembuh Part l' (6:52)
9. Koil Title Hits Song 'Dan Cinta Kita Terlupakan' (5:48)
Plus New Single :
KOIL Feat. The Rock Title Hits Song 'Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi'
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