Gita Gutawa - Harmoni Cinta [Full Album 2009]

Gita Gutawa: 'Harmony CINTA,' grandeur Orkestra Adolescent Love.
Gita Gutawa back again with a fixed first impression its given in his inaugural album two years ago: majestic, no peas, high quality, but still popular and easy to enjoy. With the soprano voice and unique style of singing high pitch too, became one of the Gita young musicians youth that is very typical. This is the Harmony CINTA that seems able to follow the success of the album its self-titled first.

Compared with the first album, second album daughter Erwin Gutawa celebrated musicians aged 15 years and this of course more mature and better. Moreover, Gita take part in this album, somehow contribute to the selection vote concept of the song or contribute lyrics. Gita also compose even one full song lyrics and his music "Ayo, Come On".

There is one thing that is significant here. The concept of the orchestra is very sticky with a 'voice Gita' here-blend in with the band concept. Do not wrong, with the expertise Gita, the result can be given two thumbs.

Gita also embrace the author of several songs top the ground water, such as Melly Goeslaw, Dewiq, Maia, Eross, and of course their own father, Erwin Gutawa.

Opened with the song "parasites", listeners will be immediately brought to the world of young, full of songs that its sweet tamarind monkey love that is unique and funny. Hear his lyrics, we would not want to drag memorable lesson in 'Physics',' Biology ', and' Geography 'a scourge that many junior high and high school students, the same age Gita. "Dehidrasi di Gurun Sahara/ Hilang di Segitiga Bermuda/ Pergi kau ke luar angkasa/ Hypothermia di Samudera Antartika/ Dan jangan kembali/ Kau memang parasit".

Then followed by "Harmoni Cinta", which is still talk about love, which is very luxurious with a touch of orchestra. Not surprisingly, the song of creation Melly is accompanied by the Prague City Philharmonic Orchestra.

Unique repertoire of catchy and funny also offered in this album (which also seems to still rule the market taste). Evidence, "Malu Tapi Mau", sung Gita together with Duo Maia. Although the style of Gita so 'contaminated' as coquettish Duo Maia, but still voted character, not sink to the nasal sound Mey Chan and the brassy sound Maia.

Back in the song "Salah Jatuh Cinta", which is very nge-band, Gita still offer full jewelry. No wonder if this song feels like a children's song band, Gita created this song together Dewiq well with relaxed song but its catchy.

However, the most prominent sound is not one of the songs "Remember". With the touch of a traditional musical instrument, lyrics mix indonesian and English, and rebound from the trough sinden Gita, to make this song really should be standing applaus if utter a comparison stage theater. Reminds us in the grace that Chrisye music always legendary. Gita and the fact that remaked one of the songs that celebrated the deceased musician, Aku Cinta Dia, packed with more young people.

For those who like slow songs, and minimalist, do not worry. Gita also provide it in the song creation Glenn Fredly, Selamat Datang Cinta, and also in Meraih Mimpi (which will be the animated movie soundtrack Indonesia Meraih Mimpi), Lullaby, When You Wish Upon Star (remake Disney theme song), and Melangkah Lagi (fruit of Yovie Widianto work with Eross and Gita). Finally, I hope it will not Gita difficulty preparing his third album that does not ter-overshadowing both the album by this Marvelous.

01 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Parasit".
02 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Harmoni Cinta".
03 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Selamat Datang Cinta".
04 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Mau Tapi Malu (With Maia)".
05 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "When You Wish Upon A Star".
06 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Salah Jatuh Cinta".
07 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Remember".
08 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Ayo (Come On)".
09 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Melangkah Lagi".
10 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Aku Cinta Dia".
11 Gita Gutawa Title Hits Song "Lullaby".
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