Opick - Di Bawah LangitMu [Full Album 2009]

"seiring waktu berlalu tangis tawa di nafasku/Hitam putih di hidupku jalani takdirku/Tiada satu tersembunyi, tiada satu yang terlupa/Segala apa yang terjadi Engkaulah saksinya..." That the content of the temple of the first track 'Maha melihat', Opick property. You already start with the familiar song, because the single is also a soundtrack sinetron "Manohara".

Yes, the single will be first single from the fifth solo album which Opick titled "Under the sky-Mu", under the production Nadahijrah / Forte in 2009. Amanda still together, the more Opick show maturity in its use to a new one.

How does not, other than as a singer, Opick placing themselves as composers. "It has been signed in five years, would have been familiar. So I do a song, poetic composition, the campaign and others," said Opick.

Although the present with the typical paper and impressed segmented, but creativity is only limited play Opick on melody. Lyrics lyrics-his work in each of the listener is able to swing it, especially if not for good at the same time invites the praises on the 'Sang Khalik' swathe through the commercial pop music.

"On this album are not limited to the praises to Allah or to invite the good. But also talk about nature, about the tree, natural disaster or God's creation of living beings is the spirit of spirituality," augment him again.

The results, try tembang heard 'Di Bawah Langit-Mu' and 'Maha melihat', mellow pop rhythm of calm with a very thick feel of the style of music aransemen Europe. Or listen to song 'Shalawat Badar' is a snippet of Peace and the legendary voice with Aina, second daughter Opick which share through poetry.

Unlike the song 'La illaha illallah'. Together with Snada, 'behavior perkusi' and dynamic style of music aransemen Spain Andalusia take this song into an assertion will maturity Opick in play.

Just a reminder, the single 'Tombo Ati' attendance at the inaugural Opick album, "Istighfar" (2005) is very viscous and explode in the heart. No wonder if every year, always Opick recent works best. Only a "Semesta Bertasbih" (2006), "Ya Rahman" (2007) and "Cahaya Hati" (2008).

01 Opick Title Hits Song 'Dibawah Langit-Mu'.
02 Opick Title Hits Song 'Maha Melihat feat Amanda'.
03 Opick Title Hits Song 'Asmaul Husna'.
04 Opick Title Hits Song 'Allah Maha Cahaya'.
05 Opick Title Hits Song 'DenganMu Aku Hidup'.
06 Opick Title Hits Song 'Shalawat Badar'. (versi reff) dan (versi puisi)
07 Opick Title Hits Song 'Tafakkur'.
08 Opick Title Hits Song 'Tak Cukupkah Semua'.
09 Opick Title Hits Song 'Engkau Allah'.
10 Opick Title Hits Song 'Lailahailallah'. feat. Snada
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Any idea where I can get the lyrics for Shalawat Badar?


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