RAN - Ratu Lebah [New Single 2009]

Attempting to try new colors are the RAN, the group that digawangi Rayi, asta, Nino and materials for the second album. From either side and musikalitas image, such as clothing 'full color,' that try to be combined with the fad motif. Not behind the video clip from a second single titled "Ratu Lebah" was his tillage made different from the previous clip RAN. Rayi, asta, willing and responsive Nino hangs down on the sling of steel in order to mine the image on the fly while in the Studio School syuting Duta Bangsa, Kemang, South Jakarta, Thursday (23 / 4), only the green screen. New in the editing process will be given a graph that shows them as the bees are flying, and about the queen bee of actress Tika Putri. Ratu Lebah song flow is in line with the film QUEEN BEE, as is the soundtrack of the film where Tika Putri also play a role in it and RAN appear as a Cameo in the film with little berakting and portray themselves as the RAN is to appear again on the stage. Despite the pain and a bruise around the 'belly' and 'selangkangan' because they had to hang down from the morning, but Rayi, asta, Nino and keep the spirit of the landing Angga, the director, in order to achieve the maximum end of the clip for their second album will be released in the near future under the Universal Music label.

New Single From RAN
RAN Title Hits Song "Ratu Lebah".

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