Hancur Band - Pengen Jadi Artis [New Single Song 2009]

Different concept, Hancur Band Denies trailing Kuburan Band.
Lyrics and brings a unique appearance on the stage to be one option for the concept of Hancur Band. This unique concept has also previously performed by Kuburan Band. Was Hancur Band going to follow Kuburan Band?

"Unlike a lot with the band and can not say cheating because we are essentially a unique but not the tail. We strive to create new works and creations, "said Agus Tonjol, guitarist Hancur Band as found in the Penta Studio recently.

Agus also added color from the costumes and music are offered Hancur Band and Kuburan Band was different. "What would'll enjoy it wants to be an artist and keep looking back that we used to pop and rock flow. So the music arranger still included".

Hancur Band which was established in 2001 has released its first album that contains 8 songs, with hit single 'Pengen Jadi Artis dan Hancur'. In this debut album, Agus et al also include 3 karaoke songs.

Mentioned about the band concept which is usually not able to last long, Agus explained, "We look before and it took the market like this. So continue to adjust to market demands. Could even say we are not idealists. While it was ruined and we want to continue to market and try, "said Agus who often do the tone and lyrics of Hancur Band this.

New Single Song From Hancur Band
Hancur Band Title Hits Song 'Pengen Jadi Artis'.
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