D'Masiv - Perjalanan [Full Album 2009]

Mid-December 2009, d'Masiv band will release his second album titled 'Perjalanan'.

"Our latest album is a continuation of the life of the previous d'Masiv. We tried to introduce himself to the audience of music. Like the first album, second album is almost one concept. We are still without a face and walked in a crowd consisting of Masivers, mothers to young children, "says vocalist d'Masiv Rian, Sunday (6 / 12 /2009) night.

Rian added, in this latest album, still rely on d'Masiv nuanced love songs.

Been branded Plagiat, d'Masiv Be careful to make songs.
Cap plagiarism never made public the first album d'Masiv. Now in his new album, 'Perjalanan', d'Masiv more careful to make songs.

They make every effort possible to find a collection of the original tone, has never used other musicians. It can be tough, but they do not want the song pretty much has similarities to the work of others.

"Indeed, we get a little more careful, if there are similarities as well throw our mending," said Rian, the vocalist met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (6/1/2010).

When d'Masiv labeled plagiarism, a band from Jakarta is actually not too much to care. They're just trying to make the best songs without ever cheating.

"We never fear this sort of like that. We appreciate people's opinions about the d'Masiv but we are not affected, which is important we work best," said Rian.

Track List :
01. d'Masiv Ft Kevin Aprilio Title Hits Song 'Rindu Setengah Mati'.
02. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Sudahi Perih Ini'
03. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Apa Salahku'.
04. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Semakin'.
05. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'jangan Pergi'.
06. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Tak Sejalan Lagi'.
07. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Mohon Ampun'.
08. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Ungkapkan Saja'.
09. d'masiv Title Hits Song 'Dia Atau Aku'.
10. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Kau Jatuh Cinta Lagi'.
11. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Aku Takluk'.
12. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Menanti Keajaiban'.
13. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Menyegarkan'.
14. d'Masiv Title Hits Song 'Jangan Menyerah'.

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