Original Soundtrack Movie Sang Pemimpi

GIGI Real Black For Original Soundtrack Movie 'Sang Pemimpi'
GIGI selected as the band that brought the soundtrack of the movie 'Sang Pemimpi'. By soundtrack sequel 'Laskar Pelangi' GIGI personnel were willing to be black.

Armand, Thomas, Budjana and Hendi black willing to play shoot video clip 'Sang Pemimpi'." Video clips done about three days and two nights. Video clips were a definite success, successful skin blackened, "he said, laughing Budjana.

GIGI is selected to create a soundtrack of the film's adaptation of Andrea Hirata's novel. Although previous soundtrack Nidji brought success, the cultivation of 'Sang Pemimpi' DENTAL unwilling feel burdened.

"If we do not think the burden. Laskar Pelangi it happened right moment really. I doubt if the soundtrack of Laskar Pelangi other bands sing Nidji be successful," said Armand Maulana, the vocalist met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Monday (23/11 / 2009) night.

'Sang Pemimpi' is now something that is so highly anticipated because the first film successful. Armand GIGI ensure not only are excited. The film makers were definitely nervous.

Track List:
01. Gigi Title Hits Song "Sang Pemimpi".
02. Ipang Title Hits Song "Apatis".
03. Ungu Title Hits Song "Cinta Gila".
04. Claudia Sinaga Title Hits Song "Ini Mimpiku".
05. Jay Wijayanto Title Hits Song "Rentak 106".
06. Ipang Title Hits Song "Teruslah Bermimpi".
07. Rendy Title Hits Song "Zakiah Nurmala".
08. Silentium Title Hits Song "Para Pemimpi".
09. Bonita Title Hits Song "Komidi Putar".
10. Rendy Title Hits Song "Fatwa Pujangga".
11. Maudy, Rendy, Claudia Title Hits Song "Mengejar Mimpi".
12. NineBall Title Hits Song "Tetaplah Berdiri".
13. Ungu Title Hits Song "Cinta Gila". (Bonus Version)
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