Kotak - Pelan Pelan Saja [New Single 2009]

Still Love? If you ngerasain really hard to remove the shadow of a boy or a girl you, so be it "Pelan-Pelan Saja" long later also lost. Do not believe it? Let us ask the 'KOTAK'.

Must Tantri [vocals], Posan [drums], Cella [guitar] and Chua [bass] has an answer. The reason is, that's new single rock band that would soon make you, hard to remove the old love.

Tantri aja admit, this new song as experience ever experienced. "But I'm a finish loh yes, he is hard to forget me," she says confident with a chuckle.

Well, if you're still in love, listened to new single KOTAK, "Pelan-Pelan Saja".

New Single Song From KOTAK Band
KOTAK Title Hits Song 'Pelan-Pelan Saja'.
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