Cinta Laura Kiehl Title Hits Song 'Cinta Atau Uang' And 'Guardian Angel' [2 New Single 2010]

Cinta Laura, 'Uang atau Cinta' At 2010.
What do Cinta Laura with 'Money or Love' in 2010? Apparently, Love is not making a choice between money and love. But, it is the title track which will release 2010 with his new album.

"A new song which will be single at my new album next year called 'Uang atau Cinta' This song will be 'tough' on my new album. Flowing in here a little pop electric, " she said.

Cinta claimed to be labeled Sony issued an album in early 2010. "In my new album will have 9 songs. Three of them are songs I've ever spend. For example, 'Oh Baby'".

Began seriously in the world of drag votes? "I'm very serious. But it was a long process, because I was working on it only at the weekend, do not want to disturb the school time," she explained.

Love also reveals will hold a show and a duet with international singer in 2010. "I can not say who sings it, as they are not sure. The fear is not so. So, wait, yes," he said smiling.

2 New Single Cinta Laura Kiehl
Cinta Laura Kiehl Title Hits Song 'Cinta atau Uang'.
Cinta Laura Kiehl Title Hits Song 'Guardian Angel'.
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