Ello, Ipang, Berry St Loco, Lala - Buka Semangat Baru [New Single Song 2009] Coca Cola

Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco dan Lala Lunching Song "Buka Semangat Baru".
Four artists capital city rising in the Indonesian music scene Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala invites the teen to open a new spirit. 4 conveyed the invitation young selebriri is the transformation of 'Hidup Ala Coca-Cola' which began launched in an album "Buka Semangat Baru" started since Thursday (3 / 12 / 2009).

David Tjokro, Director Marketing, Coca-Cola Indonesia to Global yesterday said that the lyrics of the song "Buka Semangat Baru" aims to bring young fans of the Coca-Cola to constantly renew the intention and spirit of their daily and often hampered by the everyday problems such as stress, bored, tired, thirsty and feeling does not exist.

"In everyday life, sometimes we are less excited about the routine or overcome obstacles, such as a sense of burden and stress of the demands, boredom, heat and thirst. When these feelings arise Coca-Cola invites us all to open a Coca-Cola, enjoy the freshness and re-acquire a new spirit in facing the challenges that arise, "says David.

Lyrics of the song "Buka Semangat Baru" who brought artists who have many accomplishments was full of invitations to always live life with passion and renew the spirit every day.

"Buka Semangat Baru" is an adaptation of the theme song of the global Coca-Cola, entitled 'Open Happiness' which was launched at the beginning of the year. The song 'Buka Semangat Baru', produced and distribution in cooperation with Sony Music Indonesia got a good response from music lovers Indonesia, reflected by the high demand of the song playing on the radio many teenagers today.

"Every day, in the face of various challenges, we all need a new spirit. Through music and lyrics of this song, we can stream our optimism and enthusiasm to many people, "said Ello finished singing the song "Buka Semangat Baru" with Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala.

Appearances Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala in the song 'Buka Semangat Baru' will be seen in several TV shows and will be performed live at DAHSYAT SHOW on Sunday, December 13 2009 starting at 09.00 am.

New Single From Ello, Ipang, Berry Saint Loco, and Lala
Ello, Ipang, Berry St Loco, Lala Title Hits Song 'Buka Semangat Baru'.
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