Keyla - Gapai Mimpi (Full Album 2009)

Keyla Expecting Success in 'Gapai Mimpi'.
Successful debut album 'empat Berbeda' (2008), Sam Milby who is now throwing its second album 'Gapai Mimpi'. They hopes the same success.

The band formed in February 2007 consisted of Owie (guitar), Ipank (bass), Bene (drums), Ipuey (keyboards), and Ray (vocals). On this second album, the band from Bandung is offering something new and different from previous albums. Mature song material.

"Maybe as experience increases, we become more mature and adult in appearance, and insight. It certainly mempengaruh our work processes," said Ipank , in Jakarta, Sunday (8 / 11 /2009).

Maturity was increased by the performance of different vocalist's first album. Value added, new colors were put forward, though still carrying the same color music, mix the 1980s with modern music.

'Lyrics-lyrics we deliberately take more specific with the issue of love digging from the hearts of men. The story is mostly about love and so we seem a bit mushy. But we covered it by giving a more assertive solutions in the lyrics, "explains Owie, who play a lot in making the lyrics.

In fact, first single from their second album 'Terlalu Cepat Mencintaimu' is capable of describing the music Anggun.

"All of this is our attempt to get the attention of music lovers in Indonesia," please Bene.

Track List :
01. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Hingga'.
02. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Meski Tanpamu'.
03. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Gapai Mimpi'.
04. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Terlalu Cepat Mencintaimu'.
05. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Menunggu Dirimu'.
06. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Ego'.
07. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Merubah Dunia'.
08. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Keyla'.
09. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Peri Tak Bersayap'.
10. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Sesal'.
11. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Yang Terluka'.
12. Keyla Title Hits Song 'Hidup Denganku'.
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