Irwansyah - Soliter [Full Album 2008]

Irwansyah Playing Owned in "Soliter".
Irwansyah not figure in the foreign music industry Indonesia. His gait started by his duet with Acha Septriasa created when the 'My Heart' as a movie and take Heart (2005), followed by a duet with the song, telling them 'Ada Cinta' which is also a movie and take what they starred, Love is Cinta (2007) . Now, Irwansyah finally showing itself in total through his solo albums, Soliter, released in June 2008

Show yourself in this album, the opportunity to make Irwansyah 'deg-degan'. Understandably, he is familiar with the presence of his duet partner, and they are accustomed to help each other if there are difficulties in carries a song. Now, Irwansyah should be able to do everything alone. However, he is ready with all the consequences. "This album is not 'saundtrack' again, but solo albums. Name (singer) written on the cover of the album is Irwansyah, so I have to really focus to this album," he said.

Because it is, to manufacture solo album is his prime, does not want to Irwansyah vain. Since the beginning of his choosing Melly Goeslaw and Anto Hoed as a producer of albums. Selection is based on experience working with the pair this time to take movies Heart. "They already know the characters I like what vocal, because it already knows the type of songs that match what I make. Moreover, I'm honest I also really like the type of music that's what they do (in the Heart album) ... I too loved-rock but still 'man'".

Trust is not wasted by Melly Goeslaw and Anto Vyas, and they try to provide the best for this album. Melly contributes in part to create 3 songs in this album, and invited the songwriter to donate other powerful works of their songs, including Devreq, Opick, Pay, Sandy and Dodhy 'Kangen'. In addition, Melly also contribute to sound as a backing vocal on several songs.

For this album, Melly give confidence in Irwansyah to display song his own. Of course, this opportunity is used with properly by Irwansyah. From some of the songs submitted by it, Melly choose a song titled 'Lagu Untukmu'. For Irwansyah, not a problem only if Melly eventually choose only one song his work, because he knew that this decision is best for albums. Moreover, he knew Melly, is very selective in choosing songs that will be loaded on the album.

Despite almost electoral obstacles in the song, which makes this album release delayed several months, but Irwansyah said he is very satisfied with the results of the fulfillment of this album. Music more mature than when he appears in the movie Heart album and take, in accordance with the desire Irwan. In addition, the music format is also suitable to be with the band. One pitied Irwansyah collapse is the opportunity to MASTERING this album in Australia or the United States, because the release schedule that close.

Soliter the album's first single 'Kutunggu Jandamu', a pop song is catchy and in accordance with the characters sound Irwansyah. Title players are quite controversial, was recognized Irwan fishing questions from many people. But after listening to his song and gather his lyrics, pictured if this song obsession of the love of a man to his sweetheart.

In addition to this single, there are several other songs that have the potential to become a hit. Songs such as 'Wajahmu' Opick creation, which feels luxurious with the string section appear at the opening, at once romantic with acoustic guitar accompaniment and piano throughout the song. Another song is 'Tinggalkan Aku' creation Dewiq. Song ballad that became one of the favorite themes Irwansyah this broken heart with the accompaniment aransemen the minimalist music and lyrics that are easy to remember.

No decisions, for this many doubt whether Irwansyah have the talent to pull in the field of sound. But this is not the best, and strive to be answered by Irwansyah past solonya this album. "
This album is a manifestation of my dearness in the music, since the existing small. So as not for the purpose of the exhibition or any," says Irwansyah. If so, let us siimak album Soliter, and how the embodiment of love Irwansyah music.

Track List :
01. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'KuTunggu Jandamu' (Feat. Melly)
02. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Jangan Menunggu'
03. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Wajahmu'
04. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Camelia'
05. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Lagu Sedih'
06. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Jangan Bohong'
07. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Tinggalkan Aku'
08. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'C.L.B.K (Cinta Lama Bersemi Kembali)'
09. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Lagu Untukmu'
10. Irwansyah, Title hits song 'Tak Cinta Lagi'
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