Padi - Tak Hanya Diam (Full Album)

Tak Hanya Diam: Padi Speak Up.
Rarely talk, this time 'Padi' which released the album to-5, they called 'Tak Hanya Diam', stop and close the mouth speak up. Try the discussion Piyu the guitarist to detikhot.

This album opened with hits 'Sang Penghibur'. The pure melody with lyrics that confusion. Many of the additional common voice that is not from Padi is usually, with a simple melody. We hear only Piyu redundancies.

'Sang Penghibur' music is more inspiring, powerfull, spiritfull and that we give our energy to it initially. Yes more loved-up rock, but it powerfull.

'Rencana Besar' is originally from the dream. I dream to see a TV show video clips Gun N 'Roses with the tone of play like that. I wake up and my track record is. Beat his drum unique because Yoyo also inspired a drum beat back-to back .. From the melodic song originally I was very catchy. We would like to write lyrics when it is more suitable use the English language.

'Terluka' is a song inspired from the disasters on earth. But Indonesia is not yet ready to accept all the existing problems. What is important is we must be ready. Song 'Ode' The more it simple and simple, so we just use acoustic important message that can be delivered.

Done with Piyu. It's a special song 'Ode' only done by Rindra (bass), Fadly (vocal) and Yoyo (drums). As the song 'Harmony' reference can be made that you want to sample the sound Piyu. Reggae nuance can be found in 'Aku Bisa Menjadi Kekasih'.

This time, Padi still play the poetic words of the points. simple and not long-winded is not a model roman picisan sell out the word love. Love in the album 'Tak Hanya Diam' is more to the social smell. Indeed, the idea of early draft fifth album Padi.

Therefore, the field lyrics from the song 'Terluka' in the album 'Tak Hanya Diam'. So agree if the album is called the arena speak up Padi?

"A message for us that all the problems in the face of the earth is communication. So we must move and concise," said Piyu to detikhot via his mobile phone, Friday (23/11/2007). Bravo guys!

Track List :
01. Padi Band Title hits song 'Sang Penghibur'
02. Padi Band Title hits song 'Harmony'
03. Padi Band Title hits song 'Belum Terlambat'
04. Padi Band Title hits song 'Rencana Besar'
05. Padi Band Title hits song 'Terluka'
06. Padi Band Title hits song 'Jika Engkau Bersedih'
07. Padi Band Title hits song 'Teruslah Bernyanyi'
08. Padi Band Title hits song 'Ode'
09. Padi Band Title hits song 'Jangan Datang Malam Ini'
10. Padi Band Title hits song 'Aku Bisa Menjadi Kekasih'
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