Kerispatih - Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu [Full Album 2008]

KERISPATIH-Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu; New Release Album.
Kerispatih re-released his newest album, after more than a year they launched a half-length album regime that is really booming, this time they attend more mature and "in". Album titled "No Time by fission" This contains 12 tracks that are really colored Kerispatih. Nagaswara Publisherindo still cooperating as a distributor of its recordings, this time Kerispatih still carries the theme song and love romantika, both to the lovers, friends, friends and fellow human beings. Almost all the tracks on this album was created by the keyboardist 'Storm', except for the song "Friends" special Kerispatih be, the creation of President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono and the track "Kusesali" created by Sammy and Arief Diproduseri by J. Ingga Purda and Rahayu Kertawiguna - PT. Dragon Swarasakti as Executive Producernya, tracknya recorded in the studio and i am ditukangi by Ozone and Steven Bin Bujang as assistant engineernya. While the process of manufacture Mixing and Mastering by Stephan Santosa in the Student slingshot. This time Kerispatih also cooperating Sa'unine as the string section on this album that aransemen add grandeur in his songs.

Now we see the tracks for the track is presented. The first song that played tempo midle upbeat, so we listen to it, we certainly we will know that this song is besutan Kerispatih property. Perfect enough to make the song "Ada Aku Disini" as the opening track, which followed a pledge first hit single "Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu" in the second track. Reminds hits-hits in their previous album, which rely on to bring in the soul Sammy emotional hearing when he was singing tone in the high-tone and more specifically with the cry to make this song "(berisi) contain".

As his Badai and friends are want to apologize and choose the theme in their mourning. Whether they are faced with a choice, which would track "Aku Pasti Memilih" and "Demi Cinta" is quite clearly describes the story of a love triangle. Not to feel guilty because some things because I like the song "Sorry I Too creation", "Error of the Same" and "I Accept It Is" quite good views and sung.

Songs I pledge that later exploded and pointing in the market, among others, are track 2 "It is Rasamu When Rasaku," tracks 10 "A Story About" track 11 "Something I Choose," track 9 "Kusesali for your souls," track 5 "By Love" and track 6 "I cracked the Time" They are songs that slowbeat with the peak reached on the bridge and ending in his songs. Uniform, and that will be enjoyed by ear the music of Indonesia.

So, Kerispatih fans have been waiting for the newest album now can be obtained in the cassette and CD shops in Indonesia. Stamp price of the CD is Rp 40.000, - and I thought, my kind. Believe them. But it too bad it is in this album by the parties endorse Indosat I-ring to it, so if they want to make one of the songs in this album into the ring tone backtone or NSP, is likely to be a little patient before released in general.

Tracklist :
01. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Ada Aku Disini'
02. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Bila Rasa Ini Rasamu'
03. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Kesalahan Yang Sama'
04. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Maaf!! ... Aku Terlalu Mencintainya'
05. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Demi Cinta'
06. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu'
07. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Terima Aku Apa Adanya'
08. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Masih Ada'
09. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Kusesali Untuk Dirimu'
10. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Tentang Sebuah Kisah'
11. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Aku Pasti Memilih'
12. Kerispatih Title hits song 'Kawan'
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