Ungu - Penguasa Hati [Full Album 2009]

Ungu band group is a very fenomenal. Not only successful in the country, they are also able to steal the attention in the world music lover. In fact, Ungu album was released in four different cities, namely Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Hong Kong, and Jakarta. Various awards they have not achieve to make Purple terlena, but triggered a spirit to continue to work.

After almost two years since it released the album "Untukmu Selamanya" in 2007, the five musicians again this berproses to produce a paper that is different from the works of their past. Then in 2009, the album was born "Penguasa Hati". The process of manufacture be calculated this album long enough, one of them because they are eksplore many different genres of music, ranging from rock, rap, until Dangdut.

Although the theme of love is still a major theme that is quite refreshing in this album is about their love of the beautiful Indonesia. Many exciting story behind this album processing, because many Ungu trying new things that they had never did before. Uniquely, one of the single they are translated into four languages, namely Batak, Manado, Sunda, and Java.

In line with the theme of love Indonesia, this time to make the management program "Postcard for Ungu". This program is meant to the fans and the community to send a postcard to Ungu, and depict the beauty of the area. After that, the selected area will be visited by Ungu. This program is a campaign so that more people love, care, and proud with all that belongs to Indonesia. With this, Ungu participate to give a positive contribution to the country that we love this joint.

Books "Official Book Of Ungu; Penguasa Hati" works Lutfi Taufik is exclusively discuss the biography of the band personnel and Ungu, with Discography, videografi, a number of awards that they achieve, photos, merchandise, and ring back tone (RBT). In addition, the book imprint Kawan Pustaka this song also contains a collection of hits and album "Penguasa Hati", complete with guitar akor written directly by Ungu.

01. Ungu Title Hits Song "Akulah Cintamu".
02. Ungu Title Hits Song "Dilema Cinta".
03. Ungu Title Hits Song "Hampa Hatiku".
04. Ungu Title Hits Song "Ku Ingin Selamanya".
05. Ungu Title Hits Song "Beri Aku Waktu".
06. Ungu Title Hits Song "Kau Tahu".
07. Ungu Title Hits Song "Indonesiaku".
08. Ungu Title Hits Song "Yang Pertama".
09. Ungu Title Hits Song "Luka Disini".
10. Ungu Title Hits Song "Terang Dalam Gelapku".
11. Ungu Title Hits Song "Badai Kini Berlalu".
12. Ungu Title Hits Song "Penguasa Waktu".
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