Vidi Aldiano feat. Sam Bimbo - Rindu Rosul [New Single Religion 2009]

Towards the Ramadan, vidi Aldiano launched a religious album, entitled Lelaki Pilihan.

In one of the songs on the album, vidi berduet with Sam Bimbo in the song Rindu Rasul Bimbo creation. "I am very pleased to be able to sing the song because it has never previously Om Sam (Sam Bimbo) melodist permit others to sing it," said vidi album launch event at Lelaki Pilihan in Jakarta on Thursday (9 / 7) night.

Bimbo In addition, cold hands other Indonesian music industry also seen in the production of the album is religious. They are Tohpati and Andi Rianto. Mixed with easy listening music and the nuances rnb beat the frisky (medium beat), Tohpati meracik song Keagungan Tuhan of Malik BZ.

Andi Rianto role as music director in the song creation Bimbo, so make the song appear with the majestic touch of the choir.

"This is a challenge because I sing a long song. That must be because I can sing the song better than the previous one. I want to thank many for Om Sam belief that vidi to sing the song," said vidi since the first that has often sing songs Nasyid.

In the album, sister vidi, Vadie Kalamata, consecutive carries two songs namely Lelaki Pilihan creation Sutan Solomon and Kuingin Sehari Lagi with the creation Vadie own duet with Â'Â Gym.

New Single Religion Vidi Aldiano Feat. Sam Bimbo.
Vidi Aldiano feat. Sam Bimbo Title Hits Song Religion 'Rindu Rosul'.
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